Licensed Nursing Facility definition

Licensed Nursing Facility means a residential institution, as defined in 16 Del.C., §1102(4), which provides services to residents which include resident beds, continuous nursing services, and health and treatment services for individuals who do not currently require continuous hospital care. Care is given in accordance with physician's orders and requires the competences of a registered nurse (RN).
Licensed Nursing Facility or “Licensed NF” means an institution or facility that is licensed as a nursing home, nursing facility, or skilled nursing facility by HHSC, and to which Chapter 242, Health and Safety code, applies
Licensed Nursing Facility means a licensed nursing home or a Medicare or Medicaid certified

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  • Temporary Inactivation of Licensed Nursing Facility Beds Due to Major Alterations 1.

  • Reporting is only required with relation to Licensed Nursing Facility surveys when a survey has any findings higher than a “G” level or any repetitive “G” level or higher findings from prior surveys (pursuant to CMS State Operations Manual, Chapter 7, as may hereafter be edited or updated, or any successor guidance).

  • Clark Avenue for the purpose of expanding an existing State Licensed Nursing Facility.

  • Provider ID# 98017 Licensed Nursing Facility Administrators The Texas Department of State Health Services, Continuing Education Service is approved to provide Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator (LNFA) continuing education credit under Texas Administrative Code, TAC rule (26 TAC 555.35).

  • HHSC should continue to streamline and evaluate requirements for licensure of Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator (LNFA) and Executive Director positions in long-term care facilities.

  • The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) was mandated by the Oklahoma Legislature to assess a monthly service fee to each Licensed Nursing Facility in the State.

  • Licensed Nursing Facility Beds by CountyDifference in Number Between September 2014 and September 2017 County# of NF Beds (facilities) as of Sept.

  • Charitable contributions received by the nursing facility are not included.(14) "Service rate" means the minimum direct-care-staff-to-residentrate pursuant to Section 1-1925.2 of Title 63 of Oklahoma Statutes and pursuant to OAC 310:675-1 et seq.(b) Quality of care fund assessments.(1) The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) was mandated by the Oklahoma Legislature to assess a monthly service fee to each Licensed Nursing Facility in the State.

  • The program emphasizes personal empowerment through health literacy and coaching, to prepare individuals to return successfully to the community by extending physician-directed chronic care management services.E XHIBIT 5Oregon Licensed Nursing Facility Beds per 1,000 Adults Ages 75+604620002015 nursing homes to establish new business models to support HCBS options for Medicaid beneficiaries.

  • Appendix BPhiladelphia Nursing Home Nursing Home Proposed Term Sheet Purchaser: Seller: Philadelphia Nursing Home Nursing Home Form of Sale: Transfer/Sale of Licensed Nursing Facility Beds Number of Beds Desired: Purchase Price Per Bed: Payment Terms: 50% of Purchase price in Escrow at signing of Bed Transfer Agreement, remainder upon submission by Purchaser of submission of the BedTransfer Request to DPW.

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