Legal Office definition

Legal Office means a public office set out in the First Schedule; “legal officer” means the holder of a legal office or a person who
Legal Office means any Legal Officer or group of legal officers within an office in Defence.

Examples of Legal Office in a sentence

  • Any changes to the language may require OGALS Legal Office review.

  • Who is expected to complete this form?The SCU Contract Procedures mandate that formal written agreements/contracts and variations must be provided to the Legal Office for storage within 5 days of receipt of the fully executed document.

  • The actual and necessary expenses of travel, lodging and subsistence incurred by employees of the Legal Office in the performance of their duties for the purpose of representing the University Hospitals or any of its officials, employees, institutions or hospitals at any proceeding, including depositions, held before any court, administrative body or representative thereof, shall be reimbursed to the employee incurring such expenses.

  • The information provided in this document is meant for the sole use of Active Duty service members, retirees, their families, and other personnel eligible for legal assistance from the Schriever AFB Legal Office.

  • The parties shall pay their respective stamp tax from the signing of this Agreement or other relevant documents in accordance with the law.

  • Contractor shall further ensure the Parish is named as additional insured on all insurance policies provided by said contractor and/or sub-contractor throughout the duration of the project, and that renewal certificates for any policies expiring prior to the Parish’s final acceptance of the project shall be furnished to St. Tammany Parish Government, Department of Legal, Office of Risk Management, without prompting.

  • Clerical services may include, but are not limited to, proofreading, typographical corrections, photocopying, and assembly of any written reports required by the Legal Office.

  • If you receive a report of sexual harassment, notify the Chancellor's Legal Office prior to taking any action to investigate or resolve the matter informally.

  • If such a case arises, it is imperative that the Contractor notify the Legal Office immediately and offer to recuse him/herself from that particular case.

  • If a written report is requested by the Legal Office, the Contractor agrees to provide the report in a timely fashion not to exceed sixty (60) calendar days from the date that the report is requested unless the Contractor receives prior written approval from a Senior Prosecutor in Charge for the Legal Office to waive the sixty (60) day period.

Related to Legal Office

  • Local office means the county, institution or district office of the department of human services.

  • Municipal office means an elective office in a municipality.

  • Central Office means a building or a space within a building where transmission facilities or circuits are connected or switched.

  • Principal Office means, when used with respect to the Depositary, the principal office of the Depositary at which at any particular time its depositary receipts business shall be administered, which, at the date of the Deposit Agreement, is located at 388 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10013, U.S.A.

  • Regional Office means the U.S. department of veterans affairs regional office in Wisconsin.

  • National Office means the government authority of a Contracting State entrusted with the granting of patents; references to a “national Office” shall be construed as referring also to any intergovernmental authority which several States have entrusted with the task of granting regional patents, provided that at least one of those States is a Contracting State, and provided that the said States have authorized that authority to assume the obligations and exercise the powers which this Treaty and the Regulations provide for in respect of national Offices;

  • Headquarters means the office address at which a state agent has his/her primary work assignment.

  • Judicial office means the office filled by any judicial officer.

  • Municipal officers means those municipal officers that are required by law to be

  • Offices wherever used in this lease, shall not be construed to mean premises used as a store or stores, for the sale or display, at any time, of goods, wares or merchandise, of any kind, or as a restaurant, shop, booth, bootblack or other stand, barber shop, or for other similar purposes or for manufacturing. The term "Owner" means a landlord or lessor, and as used in this lease means only the owner, or the mortgagee in possession, for the time being of the land and building (or the owner of a lease of the building or of the land and building) of which the demised premises form a part, so that in the event of any sale or sales of said land and building or of said lease, or in the event of a lease of said building, or of the land and building, the said Owner shall be and hereby is entirely freed and relieved of all covenants and obligations of Owner hereunder, and it shall be deemed and construed without further agreement between the parties or their successors in interest, or between the parties and the purchaser, at any such sale, or the said lessee of the building, or of the land and building, that the purchaser or the lessee of the building has assumed and agreed to carry out any and all covenants and obligations of Owner, hereunder. The words "re-enter" and "re-entry" as used in this lease are not restricted to their technical legal meaning. The term "business days" as used in this lease shall exclude Saturdays (except such portion thereof as is covered by specific hours in Article 29 hereof), Sundays and all days observed by the State or Federal Government as legal holidays and those designated as holidays by the applicable building service union employees service contract or by the applicable Operating Engineers contract with respect to HVAC service.

  • Office means a branch or office of a party, which may be such party's head or home office.

  • Local officer means the treasurer, commissioner of the revenue, attorney for the Commonwealth,

  • Home office means the location specified by the client as the address to which an attest or compilation service is directed, which may be a subunit or subsidiary of an entity or the principal office of an entity.

  • Head means the person appointed by the Governors of the School to be responsible for (or to share in the responsibility for) the day-to-day running of the School, including anyone to whom such duties have been delegated;

  • Nodal Officer means the Dy. Chief Engineer or Superinding Engineer an officer appointed by the Chief Engineer in writing who shall direct and supervise and to perform the duties set forth in sub - Clause 3.2 hereof and be in-charge of the works.

  • General Counsel means the Governor’s General Counsel, who serves as chief legal advisor to the Governor and supervises, coordinates, and administers the legal services for each Executive Agency pursuant to the Commonwealth Attorneys Act (71 P.S. §§ 732-101 et seq.), or her designee.

  • Place of business means any bona fide office (other than a mere statutory office), factory, warehouse or other space which is occupied and used by the taxpayer in carrying on any business activity individually or through one or more of his regular employees regularly in attendance.

  • Secretariat means the office constituted as per Sub-Clause (1) of Clause 6 of the Scheme.