LEC definition

LEC means any Carrier that is engaged in the provision of telephone Exchange Service or Exchange Access. Such term does not include a Carrier insofar as such Carrier is engaged in the provision of a commercial mobile service under Section 332(c) of the Act, except to the extent that the FCC finds that such service should be included in the definition of such term.
LEC means the incumbent carrier that provides facility-based Exchange Services, which has universal-service and carrier-of-last-resort obligations.

Examples of LEC in a sentence

In the case of polarized muons, thespatial distribution and energy dependence of the outgo-where d∆ is a LEC that characterizes the PV γN∆ elec-tric dipole interaction.

At leading chiral order, the low-energy constant (LEC) g0 corresponds to the physical axial-vector coupling constant gA = 1.27.

WCAs located south of Lake Okeechobee and west of the heavily urbanized Lower East Coast (LEC) comprise an area of about 3,497 square kilometers (1,350 square miles).

The WCAs are water supply sources for LEC urban areas and agricultural lands, recharging the Biscayne Aquifer and retarding saltwater intrusion into coastal wellfields.

These basins include the Everglades Agricultural Area, portions of the LEC, and rural western basins.

More Definitions of LEC

LEC shall have the meaning set forth in § 153(26) of the Act.