LEC definition

LEC means any Carrier that is engaged in the provision of telephone Exchange Service or Exchange Access. Such term does not include a Carrier insofar as such Carrier is engaged in the provision of a commercial mobile service under Section 332(c) of the Act, except to the extent that the FCC finds that such service should be included in the definition of such term.
LEC means the incumbent carrier that provides facility-based Exchange Services, which has universal-service and carrier-of-last-resort obligations.

Examples of LEC in a sentence

  • It approved 5.19 % water increase as opposed to 16% request from WASCO and 10% as opposed to LEC request of 23.2%.

  • Interconnection, which Qwest currently names "Local Interconnection Service" (LIS), is provided for the purpose of connecting End Office Switches to End Office Switches or End Office Switches to local or Access Tandem Switches for the exchange of Exchange Service (EAS/Local traffic); or End Office Switches to Access Tandem Switches for the exchange of IntraLATA LEC Toll or Jointly Provided Switched Access traffic.

  • The EJC Commission concluded that it has to work in collaboration with other Commissions of LCN for the establishment of a fully functional National Hu- man Rights Commission so that LEC, WASCO and LEWA could be legally taken to task as the EJC isvery strong that public consultations that LEWA holds are not useful since the tariff is increased irrespective of the views of those who attend these gatherings.

  • LEC HVAC COST PLAN County Administrator, Thomas Burke, informed the board that the LEC HVAC Cost Plan is not yet completed.

  • The price hikes the Lesotho Water and Electricity Au- thority approved behest the request of WASCO AND LEC.

More Definitions of LEC

LEC shall have the meaning set forth in § 153(26) of the Act.
LEC s Interim LEC fund reduction’ means twenty percent of the LEC’s preelection Interim LEC fund withdrawal.
LEC s state USF reduction’ means an amount equal to twenty percent of the LEC’s preelection state USF withdrawal.