JR definition

JR means the Juvenile Rehabilitation under the Rehabilitation Administration.
JR means Juvenile Rehabilitation, which is a Division under the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).
JR means J. Jxx Xxxxxxxx.

Examples of JR in a sentence

  • Flora, JR, Hargis, RA, O’Dowd, WJ, Pennline, HW and Vidic, RD 2003.

  • Engen, J.R.; Wales, T.E. Analytical Aspects of Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry.

  • Smesny S, Langbein K, Rzanny R, Gussew A, Burmeister HP, Reichenbach JR, et al.

  • Lewis SC, Langman MJS, Laporte J-R, Matthres NS, Rawlins MD, Wiholm B-E.Dose-response relationships between individual nonaspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and serious upper gastrointestinal bleeding: a meta-analysis based on individual patient data.

  • Also, although the importance of the temporal perspective was mentioned there is a body of knowledge within the domain of project management that would be relevant to formulating time based implementation plans.REFERENCES[1] Evans, J.R. and Lindsay, W.M, “Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence,” in The Management and Control of Quality, 7th edn.

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JR means country music singer-songwriter Jxxx Xxxx.
JR means the decision of the Upper Tribunal in JR v Secretary of State for Work & Pensions [2014] UKUT 154;
JR means Juvenile Rehabilitation which is a Division under the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).
JR means the Juvenile Rehabilitation which is under the DSHS Rehabilitation Administration.
JR has the meaning set forth in the Background Statement.
JR or "JRC" (the "Designations") from or render the same illegible on all dyes, molds and printing plates used by Buyer or their successors or assigns, and shall discontinue production of any asset or any material bearing those Designations. Buyer shall be permitted to use the Designations with respect to packaging, Inventory or work-in-progress or finished goods on which such Designations are imprinted or affixed up to and including the day preceding the second anniversary of the Closing. Buyer shall use reasonable efforts to sell such Inventory within twenty-four months of the Closing. At the end of the twenty-four month period, an executive officer of Buyer shall notify Seller that the obligations set forth herein regarding the Designations have been met. Except as expressly permitted in this Article 8.22, neither Buyer nor any of its affiliates shall use the Designations or any confusingly similar xxxx or name; (b) the license granted herein shall be royalty-free and non-exclusive and shall be limited to those products which bear or upon which production equipment prints the Designations as of the Closing; (c) Seller shall have the right to control the quality of all the products with which the either licensee uses each xxxx and both licensees agree that the standard of quality for such products shall equal or exceed the standard of quality for such products at the date of the Closing; (d) Seller shall have the right to make reasonable inspections of the processes and materials of manufacture used by either licensee from time to time to assure the consistent level of quality required hereby; (e) Buyer hereby agrees that nothing herein shall grant to Buyer any right, title or interest in the trademarks and designations subject to this license and that any goodwill resulting from or relating to use of the marks shall inure to the benefit of Seller; (f) if, in its reasonable judgment, Seller determines that Buyer or its successors or permitted assigns have failed to maintain the quality standards called for herein, Seller shall give Buyer notice of breach, and if within thirty days the breach has not been cured, Seller may terminate the license granted herein without further notice; (g) the licenses granted herein shall not be assigned, transferred or sublicensed without the express prior written approval of Seller, which may be withheld in its sole discretion; provided, however, that Seller hereby consents to the assignment of the licenses granted hereby to...
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