Iowa finance authority definition

Iowa finance authority means the public instrumentality and agency of the state created by Iowa Code section 16.1A.

Examples of Iowa finance authority in a sentence

  • The Iowa finance authority may elect to allocate a portion of its mortgage revenue bonding authority for single-family housing toward an MCC program.

  • Where such permission is required or contemplated by the mortgage documents, the Iowa finance authority will grant written permission for a subsequent buyer of a home financed by an IFA mortgage to assume the outstanding mortgage loan if all of the conditions established in these rules are met.2.10(1) Eligible assumptions.

  • The governor has appointed the executive director of the Iowa finance authority as the governor’s designee responsible for administration of the law which establishes procedures for allocation of private activity bonds as defined in Section 141 of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • This chapter describes the mission, organization, programs and operations of the Iowa finance authority (authority), including the office where and the means by which interested persons may obtain information and make submissions or requests.

  • Eligible project sponsors for group home facilities loans shall apply directly to participating lenders in the group home facilities program in accordance with the procedures in Chapter 4 of Iowa finance authority rules.

  • If the good character of the project sponsor cannot be established as provided in paragraphs 1 to 3 herein, the lender shall notify the Iowa finance authority for further guidance.

  • PUBLIC RECORDS AND FAIR INFORMATION PRACTICESThe Iowa finance authority hereby adopts, with the following exceptions and amendments, rules of the Governor’s Task Force on Uniform Rules of Agency Procedure relating to public records and fair information practices which are printed in the first volume of the Iowa Administrative Code.

  • A loan financed by the Iowa finance authority and secured by a lien on land.

  • The executive director of the Iowa finance authority or the executive director’s designee.

  • The Iowa finance authority provides financing to carry out the functions of the state revolving fund (SRF) loan programs.

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