Interest Rate Mode definition

Interest Rate Mode means the mode in which the Interest Rate on this Note is being determined, i.e., the Commercial Paper Term Mode, the Long Term Rate Mode, or the SPURS Mode.

Examples of Interest Rate Mode in a sentence

  • The Fixed Rate Conversion Date shall be the first day following an Interest Payment Period for such 2015 Variable Rate Parity Bonds in the then-current Interest Rate Mode; provided, however, that for Long-Term Rate Bonds, such Conversion shall occur only on a date that such Long-Term Rate Bonds and Adjustable Term Rate Bonds are subject to purchase pursuant to Section 6 of this Appendix A.

  • No. R-1 Principal Amount: $ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF LOUISIANAPARISH OF EAST BATON ROUGE MULTI-MODAL REVENUE REFUNDING BOND, SERIES 2021A OF THEEAST BATON ROUGE SEWERAGE COMMISSION Maturity Date: Interest Rate Mode Initial Long-TermInterest Rate: Bond Date: CUSIP:February 1, Long-Term Interest Rate% March 17, 2021 270618 The East Baton Rouge Sewerage Commission (the “Commission”), promises to pay, but only from the source and as hereinafter provided, to CEDE & CO.

  • The Bonds shall initially bear interest in the SIFMA Index Rate Mode to but not including the Conversion Date, on which date the Bonds shall be converted to bear interest in the Fixed Interest Rate Mode.

  • The Tender Agent shall not terminate or reduce the amounts available under a Liquidity Facility except by reason of (A) the redemption, cancellation and/or defeasance of 2015 Variable Rate Parity Bonds, (B) the Conversion of such 2015 Variable Rate Parity Bonds to an Interest Rate Mode which is not covered by such Liquidity Facility or (C) a new Liquidity Facility is delivered and becomes effective in accordance with the provisions of this Section.

  • All 2015 Variable Rate Parity Bonds of a Series shall operate in the same Interest Rate Mode.

More Definitions of Interest Rate Mode

Interest Rate Mode means the Dutch Auction Rate, the Flexible Rate, the Daily Rate, the Weekly Rate, the Semi-Annual Rate, the Annual Rate and the Long Term Rate.
Interest Rate Mode means the Short Term Rate Mode or the Long Term Rate Mode.
Interest Rate Mode means the Weekly Rate, the Semi-Annual Rate or the Long-Term Rate.
Interest Rate Mode. [ ] Commercial Paper Term Mode [ ] Long Term Rate Mode [ ] SPURS Mode [ ] SPURS Agent: _____________ [ ] Base Rate: _________________ [ ] SPURS Remarketing Date: ________________ [ ] Reference Corporate Dealers:
Interest Rate Mode means the Flexible Rate, the Daily Rate, the Weekly Rate, the Semi-Annual Rate, the Annual Rate and the Long Term Rate.