Claims Handling Sample Clauses

Claims Handling. We may use any or all of the following to determine the value of any damages, loss or claim that may be covered by this policy:
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Claims Handling. The Administrative Services with respect to claims for benefits including claims outstanding on the Effective Date, shall include the following:
Claims Handling. The Administrator shall pay all Benefits payable on or after the Inception Date with respect to the Reinsured Contracts (each, a “Claim” and collectively the “Claims”).
Claims Handling. If a credible claim is made or threatened, for which Newegg is entitled to indemnification from Seller including without limitation the filing of a lawsuit against Newegg, or the receipt of a demand or notice by Newegg or Newegg elects to defend any claim for which Newegg is entitled to indemnification:
Claims Handling. 16.1 The Managing General Agent shall have authority to settle all claims arising from business placed with the Company under this Agreement in accordance with established Company procedures. At the sole option of the Company, the Company may assume any or all of this responsibility.
Claims Handling. 6.1 Claims Handling service requirements will be specified by the Contracting Body in the Call Off Contract, and the Broker should respond to that, taking into account any in-house or other incumbent capability.
Claims Handling. You must notify the insurer of a claim within a reasonable time, or otherwise in accordance with the terms of the contract of insurance. If You become aware after a claim is made of information that would either support or prejudice the claim, You are under a duty to disclose it. (The insurer is under the same duty.) If, in respect of the insurance contract the insurer is not obliged to pay the full claim settlement amount until any repair, replacement or reinstatement work has been completed and specified documents for the work have been furnished to the insurer, the claim settlement deferment amount cannot exceed:
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Claims Handling. CM will assist the Architect in the review, evaluation and processing of claims asserted by Contractor(s); CM will make recommendations to the District as to the merit, handling and disposition of Contractor(s)’ claims.
Claims Handling. 19.1. The Client shall, having observed any inaccuracy or inconsistency in the information submitted by the Bank on the Transactions executed in the Securities account, immediately but not later than within 60 calendar days of the Transaction date, submit to the Bank a set-format claim in writing or in any other manner acceptable to the Bank regarding the performance under the Agreement or any other actions of the Bank that do not meet the terms of the Agreement.
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