Inoperable vehicle definition

Inoperable vehicle means a vehicle that is not mechanically operable.
Inoperable vehicle means a vehicle designated for use on the highway which has been left on public or private property
Inoperable vehicle means any vehicle that is incapable of being transported or carried as designed. (Ord.

Examples of Inoperable vehicle in a sentence

Inoperable vehicle shall mean any vehicle that does not have current license or registration or is incapable of moving or operating on its own power or is missing any significant component part.

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Inoperable vehicle means any motor vehicle that lacks an engine or two or more wheels or other structural part that renders the vehicle totally inoperable.
Inoperable vehicle means and refer to any vehicle which has outdated registration, is wrecked, burned, wholly or partially dismantled, or which lacks a wheel or wheels, or which is on blocks.
Inoperable vehicle means a vehicle not currently registered or licensed in this state or another state, or a vehicle that is or has any of the following conditions: dismantled, broken windows, flat tires, no tires, missing doors, missing windows, missing fenders, missing hood, missing trunk, will not start, or is in a condition that would result in the vehicle’s failure to pass state safety inspection pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Act, UTAH CODE ANN. § 41-1a-101, et seq.
Inoperable vehicle means a vehicle or any portion thereof which is incapable of movement under its own power and will remain so without major repair or reconstruction.
Inoperable vehicle means any motor vehicle that cannot be started and moved under its own power without the assistance of another person, vehicle, or gravity. It also includes any unregistered vehicle.
Inoperable vehicle means and include, without limitation, any vehicle that is incapable of being lawfully driven on a highway. Factors that may be used to determine this condition include, without limitation, vehicles that have a “planned non-operational” status with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, vehicles lacking a current registration, a working engine, transmission, wheels, inflated tires, doors, windshield or any other part or equipment necessary for its legal and safe operation on a highway or any other public right-of-way.
Inoperable vehicle means a motor vehicle as defined by the Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.H. 8, as amended, that is not in good repair and capable of being operated on a Highway. It includes a vehicle that does not display a valid vehicle permit license plate issued under the Highway Traffic Act, as amended;