Indoor and outdoor markets definition

Indoor and outdoor markets means indoor or outdoor public spaces where the primary purpose is for vendors to sell agriculture products, food, merchandise, and services, generally from booths or tables, and vendors may pay a fee to participate. Indoor and outdoor markets may include but are not limited to farmers markets, flea markets, craft fairs, roadside stands and other markets that do not include interactive rides or exhibits. Indoor and outdoor markets do not include retail stores or shopping centers or malls.

Examples of Indoor and outdoor markets in a sentence

  • Indoor and outdoor markets may include but are not limited to farmers markets, flea markets, craft fairs, and other markets that do not include interactive rides or exhibits.

  • Indoor and outdoor markets do not include retail stores, shopping centers, or malls.Operator means a person responsible for management and operation of an indoor or outdoor market space or street fair.Street fair means an outdoor public event requiring a street closure where food, merchandise or services may be sold, and vendors may pay a fee to participate.

  • There are 14 staff and 10 casual staff employed by the town council with services including: Civic Hall, Tourist Information, Indoor and outdoor markets (including artisan/farmers markets), public conveniences, allotments, community centre (Brookfield Hall), floral displays, CCTV, events (indoor and outdoor), street furniture, with plans to introduce a Town Ranger service.

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