Definition of Included Contracts

Included Contracts means the Contracts included among the Assets.

Examples of Included Contracts in a sentence

Seller and the Purchaser shall use commercially reasonable efforts to have included in the Approval Order an authorization for the Seller to assume the Included Contracts and assign to the Purchaser all Included Contracts.
Bennett Collett, et al., Case No. 8292-VN, and, notwithstanding any Included Contracts, any policies of insurance maintained by the Seller or Florida Gaming Corporation insuring against such claims and causes of action and the proceeds thereof.
On the Closing Date, pursuant to Bankruptcy Code section 365, Seller shall assume and assign to Purchaser, and Purchaser shall accept assignment of, the Included Contracts.
The Company currently maintains all Permits identified or required under the terms of the Included Contracts.
No party to any of the Included Contracts has exercised any termination rights with respect thereto, and no such party has given written notice, or to the Knowledge of Seller oral notice, of its intent to exercise such rights with respect to any Included Contract, other than in the ordinary course of business.