HOME Loan Funds definition

HOME Loan Funds means the Dollars ($ ) portion of the Loan that the County is funding with HOME Funds. [Revise to reflect funding]
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Examples of HOME Loan Funds in a sentence

Project Type: © rental ☐for sale ☐ special needs (specify: ) Use of HOME Loan Funds: X Acquisition X Predevelopment ☐ Construction Permanent☐ For-Sale Unit AssistanceAffordability (# assisted units, income levels):(5) 1-bedroom units at 50% AMI; (11) 1-bedroom units at 60% AMI; (36) 2-bedroom units at 50% AMI; (97) 2-bedroom units at 60% AMI; (1) 2- bedroom manager’s unit.

The City shall not be obligated to disburse the final Sixty One Thousand Fifty Five Dollars ($61,055) Fifty-Four Thousand Dollars ($54,000) of HOME Loan Funds which comprise the Retention Component of the HOME Loan unless the following conditions precedents are satisfied:” Section 4.