Gujarat definition

Gujarat means the State of Gujarat, a State of India and includes any successor thereto;
Gujarat means the State of Gujarat of the Recipient, or any successor or successors thereto.
Gujarat means the State of Gujarat, a State of India, or any successor thereto;

Examples of Gujarat in a sentence

  • The Tenderers shall abide by the laws of the Union of India and of Gujarat State and legal jurisdiction of the place where the works are located.

  • GC-45 LAWS GOVERNING THE CONTRACT :This contract shall be construed according to and subject to the laws of India and the State of Gujarat and under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Gujarat at Rajkot.

  • The place of arbitration shall be at Surat/Vadodara or any other place within state of Gujarat as may be mutually agreed by the parties in consultation with the tribunal.

  • I/We the CONTRACTOR hereby confirm that in case of any dispute/difference for settlement of claims under this Safety Cum Indemnity bond the courts in Gujarat State wherever job/work is performed or as per GETCO norms shall have the jurisdiction to decide the rights & liabilities of the parties while adjudicating the matter of claims under this Safety Cum Indemnity Bond.

  • Certificates as registered contractor in appropriate class with Government of Gujarat or appropriate authority.

  • In addition, the Indian Electricity Rules, Electricity Act 2003, CEA Regulations, Statutory requirements of Central Govt., GERC and State Government of Gujarat (applicable codes), shall also be complied with.

  • Surat Lignite Power Plant (SLPP) with four units of 125 MW capacity each is located at Village: Nani Naroli, Taluka: Mangrol, District: Surat in Gujarat.

  • GIPCL has commissioned 1MWp Distributed Solar Power Projects at two locations in Gujarat viz.

  • However the financial evaluation will be done as per commercial clause 4.2. Prices quoted should be FIRM and on F.O.R. destination basis (i.e. any of the stores of COMPANY in Gujarat).

  • The Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.

More Definitions of Gujarat

Gujarat means the Borrower’s state of Gujarat, or any successor thereto;

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