Government of Greenland definition

Government of Greenland means the Government of Greenland, including its ministries and entities to which the Government of Greenland has delegated powers within the mineral resources area.
Government of Greenland means Naalakkersuisut.

Examples of Government of Greenland in a sentence

  • If such action gives rise to a claim for damages from any party against the Government of Greenland, the licensee shall defend the Government of Greenland against the claim for damages and indemnify the Government of Greenland against any liability for any damage or loss.

  • This shall apply irrespective of whether the damage or the loss may be regarded as accidental if the non-compliance with the above requirements is disregarded, irrespective of whether the registered or managing owner of the ship or other parties may (also) be held liable for the damage or loss, in part or in full, and irrespective of whether the damage or loss is suffered by the HA, the Government of Greenland, the Danish State or other public or private parties.

  • In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Government of Greenland gave an extension of the licence period for all exploration licences by two years, therefore the licence expires December 31, 2026.

  • Expenses for travel, local transport, meals and accommodation shall be paid in accordance with the rules established by the Government of Greenland for the payment of per diem allowances on official trips.

  • ExpensesExpenses associated with the employee's participation in courses or on-the-job training, includes travel, local transport, meals and accommodation, as well as insurance and attendance fees, the cost of the employee's gross salary etc., as documented by the employee's contract of employment with the Government of Greenland etc.

  • The Licence shall not restrict the general right of the Government of Greenland to levy taxes or lay down general provisions concerning exploration activities and/or exploitation activities.

  • The Government of Greenland determines when the Impact Benefit Agreement shall be concluded.

  • If the Government of Greenland or the licensee has not appointed its member within 30 days of the other party appointing its member, then the President of the Danish Supreme Court shall appoint that member.

  • The licensee shall negotiate and conclude an impact benefit agreement ("Impact Benefit Agreement" or "IBA") with the Government of Greenland, see section 78a of the Mineral Resources Act.

  • If the implementation of such measures results in a third-party claim for compensation against the Government of Greenland or the Danish State, the licensee shall indemnify the Government of Greenland or the Danish State for any such claims.

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