Government Commercial Enterprise definition

Government Commercial Enterprise means any activity by the Pawnee Nation or of the state government that is not a traditional government function as defined by the Internal Revenue Service
Government Commercial Enterprise means any activity by the Nation or any subsidiary governmental entity of the Nation, such as a District or Segment.
Government Commercial Enterprise means any entity or enterprise, chartered under the Tribe’s LLC Ordinance that is 100% owned by the Ute Indian Tribe and that is engaged in commercial activity that is not a traditional government function as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Examples of Government Commercial Enterprise in a sentence

  • The system can be summarized as follows.< Table3> categories of cooperative System CategoryCooperative System Government- Commercial Enterprise Commercial enterprises are in partnership with government and return profits to society to fulfill social responsibility.

  • THE USER OF THIS DOCUMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING THE CURRENT ISSUE DATE BEFORE USING THIS government, Government Commercial Enterprise, or any other natural or artificial person or organization.

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  • Commercial enterprise means a person (other than an individual) who carries on commercial activities in any jurisdiction relating to the production, trade, transport or use of forest risk commodities.”

  • Government company means any company in which not less than fifty-one per cent. of the paid-up share capital is held by the Central Government, or by any State Government or Governments, or partly by the Central Government and partly by one or more State Governments, and includes a company which is a subsidiary company of such a Government company;

  • Government Programs means (i) the Medicare and Medicaid Programs, (ii) the United States Department of Defense Civilian Health Program for Uniformed Services and (iii) other similar foreign or domestic Federal, state or local reimbursement or governmental health care programs.

  • government procurement means the process by which a government obtains the use of or acquires goods or services, or any combination thereof, for governmental purposes and not with a view to commercial sale or resale, or use in the production or supply of goods or services for commercial sale or resale;

  • Government Entities means collectively, the United States of America or any other nation, any state or other political subdivision thereof, or any entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions of government, including any court, in each case having jurisdiction over the Company.

  • Government school means a school established under section 5 of the Act, for the purpose of providing courses of instruction in pre-school, primary or secondary education.

  • Competing Enterprise means any person or any business organization of whatever form, engaged directly or indirectly within the Area in the Business of the Company.

  • micro-enterprise means an enterprise, which at the time of conclusion of the payment service contract, is an enterprise as defined in Article 1 and Article 2(1) and (3) of the Annex to Recommendation 2003/361/EC in the version of 6 May 2003;

  • Business enterprise means a firm, sole proprietorship, partnership, association, corporation, company, or other business entity of any kind including, but not limited to, a limited liability corporation, incorporated professional association, joint venture, estate, or trust.

  • Joint enterprise means any lottery activity in which the bureau participates pursuant to a written agreement between the state of Michigan and any state, territory, country, or other sovereignty as executed by the commissioner. Joint enterprise does not include the state lottery created pursuant to this act.

  • Government assistance means a grant, loan, or tax increment financing that result in a financial benefit from an agency, commission, instrumentality, or other entity of the District government.

  • Metropolitan planning organization means the same as that term is defined in Section 72-1-208.5.

  • Professional entertainer means a person who performs services in the professional performing arts for wages or other remuneration on a per-event basis.

  • public enterprise means a public enterprise as defined in Part V of the Handbook.

  • Nonprofit means a nonprofit corporation as defined and established through

  • Government Agencies means any court, agency, authority, board (including, without limitation, environmental protection, planning and zoning), bureau, commission, department, office or instrumentality of any nature whatsoever of any governmental or quasi-governmental unit of the United States or any State or any county or any political subdivision of any of the foregoing, whether now or hereafter in existence, having jurisdiction over Tenant or any Property, or any portion thereof, or any Facility operated thereon.

  • Microenterprise means an enterprise which employs fewer than 10 persons and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 2 million;

  • Black empowered enterprise means an enterprise that is at least 25,1% owned by black persons and where there is substantial management control. Ownership refers to economic interests. Management refers to executive directors. This is whether the black enterprise has control or not.

  • Commences Commercial Service means the date upon which a Capital Improvement is first put into or commences commercial service by a Group Member following completion of construction, replacement, improvement or expansion and testing, as applicable.

  • Commercial establishment means a place of business which is at all times equipped with sufficient tables and seats to accommodate twenty-five persons at one time, and the licensed premises of which conform to the standards and specifications of the division.

  • Professional employer organization means an employee leasing

  • Government Entity means (a) any federal, state, provincial or similar government, and any body, board, department, commission, court, tribunal, authority, agency or other instrumentality of any such government or otherwise exercising any executive, legislative, judicial, administrative or regulatory functions of such government or (b) any other government entity having jurisdiction over any matter contemplated by the Operative Documents or relating to the observance or performance of the obligations of any of the parties to the Operative Documents.

  • Adult entertainment establishment means any of the following:

  • Government Action means action by a Governmental Authority, Administrator, Certification Authority, or by the governing body of an Applicable Program to change the eligibility of a Product for an Applicable Program or substantially change the requirements for compliance by persons obligated to comply with the Applicable Program which in either case has a material adverse effect on the value of a Product that is the subject of a particular Transaction, and includes a change in Applicable Law that disqualifies any particular Renewable Energy Facilities (by Renewable Energy Sources, Initial Operating Date, or otherwise) or Product, that is the subject of a Transaction from an existing Applicable Program.

  • Industrial Emissions Directive means DIRECTIVE 2010/75/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 24 November 2010 on industrial emissions

  • Government of Canada Yield on any date means the yield to maturity on such date (assuming semi-annual compounding) of a Canadian dollar denominated non-callable Government of Canada bond with a term to maturity of five years as quoted as of 10:00 a.m. (Toronto time) on such date and which appears on the Bloomberg Screen GCAN5YR Page on such date; provided that, if such rate does not appear on the Bloomberg Screen GCAN5YR Page on such date, the Government of Canada Yield will mean the average of the yields determined by two registered Canadian investment dealers selected by the Corporation, as being the yield to maturity on such date (assuming semi-annual compounding) which a Canadian dollar denominated non-callable Government of Canada bond would carry if issued in Canadian dollars at 100% of its principal amount on such date with a term to maturity of five years.