Global Revenue definition

Global Revenue means the gross amounts of monies received by Global from the continued licensing or one time sale of Global Intellectual Property by Global less: (i) expenses already incurred by Global under the Global Agreement; and (ii) expenses incurred by Global related to any licensing or sale of the Global Intellectual Property.

Examples of Global Revenue in a sentence

  • Global hereby grants to GRDG twenty percent (20%) interest of Global Revenue received from the exclusive or non-exclusive licensing of and/or the sale of Global Intellectual Property to a Third Party.

Related to Global Revenue

  • Pre-Incentive Fee Net Investment Income means interest income, dividend income and any other income (including any other fees, other than fees for providing managerial assistance, such as commitment, origination, structuring, diligence and consulting fees or other fees that the Corporation receives from portfolio companies) accrued during the calendar quarter, minus the Corporation’s operating expenses for the quarter (including the Base Management Fee, expenses reimbursed to the Adviser under this Agreement and any interest expense and dividends paid on any issued and outstanding preferred stock, but excluding the Incentive Fee). Pre-Incentive Fee Net Investment Income includes, in the case of investments with a deferred interest feature (such as original issue discount debt instruments with payment-in-kind interest and zero coupon securities), accrued income that the Corporation has not yet received in cash. Pre-Incentive Fee Net Investment Income does not include any realized capital gains, realized capital losses or unrealized capital appreciation or depreciation.

  • Gross Revenue shall be determined on a cash basis. The Management Fee shall be paid promptly at the end of each calendar quarter and shall be calculated on the basis of the "Gross Revenue" of such preceding quarter. The Management Fee shall be paid to each U-Haul property manager herein identified based on the Gross Revenue of each respective Property for which such property manager is responsible as set forth on Exhibit A hereto. Each property manager agrees that its monthly Management Fee shall be subordinate to that month's principal balance and interest payment on any first lien position mortgage loan on the Property. It is understood and agreed that the Management Fee will not be reduced by the cost to Owner of those employees and independent contractors engaged by or for Owner, including but not limited to the categories of personnel specifically referred to in Section 2(d). Except as provided in this Section 4, it is further understood and agreed that U-Haul shall not be entitled to additional compensation of any kind in connection with the performance by it of its duties under this Agreement.

  • Net Revenue means an entity’s total revenue less its operating expenses, interest paid, depreciation, and taxes. “Net Revenue” is synonymous with “Profit.”

  • Revenue means the price for iron ore from the mineral lease the subject of any shipment or sale and payable by the purchaser thereof to the Company or an associated company less all export duties and export taxes payable to the Commonwealth on the export of the iron ore and all costs and charges properly incurred and payable by the Company from the time the ore shall be placed on ship at the Company’s wharf to the time the same is delivered and accepted by the purchaser including —