Fixed Rate Loans definition

Fixed Rate Loans means those Loans to the extent that and for such time that the interest rate payable by the Borrower on all or part of the Outstanding Principal Balance does not vary and is fixed for a certain period of time by the Seller;

Examples of Fixed Rate Loans in a sentence

  • Interest on Eurodollar Advances, Fixed Rate Loans and fees hereunder shall be calculated for actual days elapsed on the basis of a 360-day year.

  • Floating Rate Loans shall continue as Floating Rate Loans of the same Type unless and until such Floating Rate Loans are converted into Fixed Rate Loans.

  • Weighted Average Fixed Rate means, in respect of a Calculation Period, the weighted average (by Outstanding Principal Balance) of the fixed rates of interest charged to borrowers of Relevant Fixed Rate Loans during the relevant Calculation Period as notified by the Cash Manager in accordance with the provisions of the Cash Management Agreement.

  • Maintain recognizable, consistent signs that clearly identify public hunting areas.

  • To request Competitive Bids under the Domestic Facility, the Company or the relevant Domestic Subsidiary Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent written notice (or telephonic notice promptly confirmed in writing) by delivery of a Competitive Bid Request not later than 12:00 Noon New York City time (A) four Business Days prior to the requested Borrowing Date, in the case of Eurocurrency Competitive Loans, or (B) one Business Day prior to the requested Borrowing Date, in the case of Fixed Rate Loans.

More Definitions of Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed Rate Loans means Euro-Dollar Loans or Competitive Bid Loans (excluding Competitive Bid LIBOR Loans bearing interest at the Base Rate pursuant to Section 8.03) or both.
Fixed Rate Loans means CD Loans or Euro-Dollar Loans or both.
Fixed Rate Loans means Euro-Dollar Loans.
Fixed Rate Loans means Euro-Dollar Loans or Bid Rate Loans (excluding Bid Rate (Indexed) Loans bearing interest at the Base Rate) or any combination of the foregoing.
Fixed Rate Loans means Eurodollar Loans and, for the purposes of the definition of "Fixed Base Rate" in this Section 1.01 and in Section 5 hereof, LIBOR Market Loans.
Fixed Rate Loans. At any time, collectively, all the Mortgage Loans which have fixed Mortgage Rates.