Expected Attendance definition

Expected Attendance means the number of people reasonably expected to attend the Special Event including the Special Event promoters, staff, personnel and entertainers.
Expected Attendance means the number of people a person anticipates attending or desires to attend an Extended Dance Event, including Extended Dance Event Personnel and members of the public;

Examples of Expected Attendance in a sentence

  • If necessary, have your child’s health practitioner review that information.NOTE: THIS ENTIRE FORM MUST BE UPDATED ANNUALLY.Child’s Name Last FirstBirth Date Enrollment Date Hours & Days of Expected Attendance Child’s Home Address Street/Apt.

  • Child’s Name Last FirstBirth Date Enrollment Date Hours & Days of Expected Attendance Child’s Home Address Street/Apt.

  • Name Business Name if applicable Address City Zip Email Phone Date(s) Requested Hours Expected Attendance: Number of Those Under 18: Adult 1:10 ratio is required.

  • To understand better the development of day-to-day management and its problems the thesis is guided by the following research questions: 1.

  • Fort Wayne, IN 46805(Mailing Address)(260) 427-6790Rental Reservation Contract Facilities: _ Event Date: _ _Rental Fee:$ _Event Type: _ _ Security Fee:$ _Expected Attendance: _ Total Fee: $ Old Barn capacity: 170 Additional Fees:$ _Learning Center capacity: 150 Homestead capacity 25 Total Fee: $ _ Deposit Due:$ _ Deposit paid by Cash Check # _ Credit Card (circle one): VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER Card#: / _ / _ / _ Card Exp.

  • Are you renting: ($60) Kitchen If you are using the stove you must pay the $60 Expected Attendance: _________ (Fire Marshall Capacity is 300) ALL EVENTS MUST BE CONCLUDED AND BUILDING CLEANED BY 12 PM! Note: All fees must be paid 1 month prior to the date of the event.

  • Actual Vs. Expected 4-H Activity Attendance Based on Months in ProgramPercent of 4-H Activities Actually Attended Compared to Expected Attendance Frequency Percent of CasesNone responsibilities as a mentor.

  • Actual Vs. Expected FNO Attendance Based on Months in ProgramPercent of FNOs Actually Attended Compared to Expected Attendance Table 8.

  • Event: Event Description: Reserved By: Organization: Facility Requested: Event Date: Event Time: Expected Attendance (Approximate): Additional Equipment: Email address to send confirmation: Or Address To Mail Confirmation: City: State: Zip:Phone: Please fill in ALL information.

  • The Clerk of Courts shall not accept for filing depositions, transcripts, interrogatories, requests for documents, requests for admissions, answers and responses thereto unless they are accompanied by a certification that said documents are being filed on order of the Court, or for use as evidence in a motion or proceeding.

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  • Regular Attendance means your personal visits to a Physician which are medically necessary according to generally accepted medical standards to effectively manage and treat your Disability or Partial Disability.

  • Attendance means the actual presence of an enrolled child.

  • Average daily attendance (ADA) shall mean the unit of attendance, as reported by the Department for the second period of the school year.

  • Cost of attendance means an estimate of the student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment and includes tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and if applicable, dependant care and costs related to disability.

  • Expected week of childbirth means the week, starting on a Sunday, during which the mother's doctor or midwife expects her to give birth.

  • Flood Elevation Determination means a determination by the Administrator of the water surface elevations of the base flood, that is, the flood level that has a one percent or greater chance of occurrence in any given year.

  • Meeting Fees means fees for attending a meeting of the Board or one of its committees as set forth in Section 5.3 hereof.

  • Projected actual emissions means the maximum annual rate, in tons per year, at which an existing emissions unit is projected to emit a regulated NSR pollutant in any one of the 5 years (12-month period) following the date the unit resumes regular operation after the project, or in any one of the 10 years following that date, if the project involves increasing the emissions unit’s design capacity or its potential to emit that regulated NSR pollutant, and full utilization of the unit would result in a significant emissions increase, or a significant net emissions increase at the major stationary source.

  • Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who is appointed to a regularly scheduled position but works less than full-time. A regular part-time employee is entitled to all benefits outlined in the agreement on a pro rata basis, except where otherwise specified.

  • pensionable service means service which may be taken into account in computing pension under these Regulations;

  • Remote computing service means a custodian that provides to a user computer-processing services or the storage of digital assets by means of an electronic communications system, as defined in 18 U.S.C. 2510(14), as amended.

  • Accrued Professional Compensation means, at any given moment, all accrued, contingent and/or unpaid fees and expenses (including, without limitation, success fees) for legal, financial advisory, accounting and other services and reimbursement of expenses that are awardable and allowable under section 328, 330(a) or 331 of the Bankruptcy Code and were rendered before the Effective Date by any Retained Professional in the Chapter 11 Cases, or that are awardable and allowable under section 503 of the Bankruptcy Code, that have not been denied by a Final Order, all to the extent that any such fees and expenses have not been previously paid (regardless of whether a fee application has been filed for any such amount). To the extent that the Bankruptcy Court or any higher court denies or reduces by a Final Order any amount of a Retained Professional’s fees or expenses, then those reduced or denied amounts shall no longer constitute Accrued Professional Compensation.

  • Political contribution means any payment, gift, subscription, assessment, contract, payment for services, dues, loan, forbearance, advance or deposit of money or any valuable thing, to a candidate for public office or to a political committee, including but not limited to a political action committee, made for the purpose of influencing any election in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or for paying debts incurred by or for a candidate or committee before or after any election.

  • Benefit Service means the Benefit Service as defined in the PEC Retirement Plan.

  • Creditable service means membership service plus prior

  • Company action level event means any of the following events:

  • Benefit Continuation Period means the period beginning on the Date of Termination and ending on the last day of the month in which occurs the earlier of (i) the 24-month anniversary of the Date of Termination and (ii) the date on which you elect coverage for you and your covered dependents under substantially comparable benefit plans of a subsequent employer.

  • Earnable compensation means the full rate of the

  • Continuing care retirement community means a residential

  • Planned Service Interruption means a Service Interruption that has been scheduled to occur in accordance with schedule 5;

  • Core Earnings means the net income (loss), computed in accordance with GAAP, excluding (i) non-cash equity compensation expense, (ii) the Incentive Compensation, (iii) acquisition fees, (iv) financing fees, (v) depreciation and amortization, (vi) any unrealized gains or losses or other non-cash items that are included in net income for the applicable reporting period, regardless of whether such items are included in other comprehensive income or loss, or in net income, and (vii) one-time events pursuant to changes in GAAP and certain non-cash charges, in each case after discussions between the Manager and the Independent Directors and approved by a majority of the Independent Directors.

  • Special (also known as "all risk") property insurance (including, without limitation, boiler and machinery (if applicable); sprinkler damage, vandalism and malicious mischief) on all of Tenant's Trade Fixtures and personal property. Such insurance shall be in an amount equal to full replacement cost of the aggregate of the foregoing and shall provide coverage comparable to the coverage in the standard ISO All Risk form, when such form is supplemented with the coverages required above.

  • Unplanned Service Interruption means any Service Interruption where events or circumstances prevent the timely communication of prior warning or notice to the Retailer or any affected Consumer, as anticipated in schedule 5 that relate to Unplanned Service Interruptions;

  • Covered position means a position in which the employee must be a member of the retirement

  • Eligible Earnings means the Grantee's base salary (prior to any deferrals under a cash or deferred compensation plan sponsored by the Corporation or an Affiliate) paid during the Plan Year. From time to time the Plan Administrator may, in its sole discretion, establish rules for determining the amounts of Eligible Earnings for employees who become Grantees other than on the first day of a Plan Year as well as any reduction of Eligible Earnings as a result of paid leave of absences.

  • Reasonable compensation means, with respect to a regularly employed officer or employee of any person, compensation that is consistent with the normal compensation for such officer or employee for work that is not furnished to, not funded by, or not furnished in cooperation with the Federal Government.