Serious offense definition

Serious offense means any of the following felonies or a felony attempt to commit any of the following felonies, as now existing or hereafter amended:
Serious offense means any felony involving the offenses
Serious offense means any of the following felonies or a

Examples of Serious offense in a sentence

  • The most common factors used are: • Severity of current charges/convictions;• Serious offense history;• Escape history;• Institutional disciplinary history;• Prior felony convictions;• Alcohol/drug abuse;• Stability factors (e.g., age, employment, length of residence).EXHIBIT 1 TYPES OF FORMS USED IN AN OJC SYSTEM 1.

  • In respect of the legal claims of Uphaar tragedy, the Petitioner has submitted that as per the Transfer Scheme, the DISCOMs shall bear a liability arising out of litigations, suits, claims etc pending on the date of transfer, subject to a maximum of Rs. 1 Crore per annum.

  • United States, 364 U.S. at 367, where the Supreme Court held that a similar provision relating to deductions denied under section 264(a)(2) did not confer a right to deduction in respect of contracts purchased prior to the stated operative date of those provisions.

  • Serious offense against proper behavior (e.g., disturbance of the peace, harassment or bullying (whether verbal or physical; in person or otherwise), dishonesty, public indecency, misuse of Seminary computers for harassment, pornography or otherwise) is cause for dismissal The mistreatment or willful destruction of Seminary property is cause for dismissal.

  • Response or restoration activities for an exposure of an environmental receptor; (2) The distance to a toxic or flammable endpoint for a worst-case release assessment conducted under Subpart B and Section 68.25 is less than the distance to any public receptor, as defined in Section 68.3; and (3) Emergency response procedures have been coordinated between the stationary source and local emergency planning and response organizations.

More Definitions of Serious offense

Serious offense means a felony or capital felony.
Serious offense means any of the following offenses if
Serious offense means (a) [any of the following offenses defined
Serious offense means a violation of:
Serious offense means any felony, and any misdemeanor for which the penalty prescribed by law includes confinement for more than six months.
Serious offense means an offense against a provision of:
Serious offense means any of the following