EX FACTORY PRICE is the list price of the PRODUCT without discounts by Merck to each independent customer.
EX FACTORY PRICE means the price of the product at the time of clearance from the factory gate.
EX FACTORY PRICE shall have the meaning set forth in Exhibit E.

Examples of EX FACTORY PRICE in a sentence

  • Soyea agrees to supply/deliver the manufactured quantity of set-top box requested by MyWeb within reasonable time at the EX FACTORY PRICE.

More Definitions of EX FACTORY PRICE

EX FACTORY PRICE. , in relation to goods, means the sum of
EX FACTORY PRICE means the selling price in the various countries, exclusive of taxes and before subtraction of the deductions defined in Schedule 1 of this Agreement. EX-FACTORY PRICE is referred to as the EXF.
EX FACTORY PRICE means the price at which Licensed Products are sold by the Licensee to Distributors (net of any sales taxes only) in the currency in which the Licensee invoices Distributors;
EX FACTORY PRICE means the selling price of the products/goods less any costs incidental to the delivery of the goods to the customer. The delivery costs would include all costs incurred subsequent to the point at which Videocon (or the Sublicensee, as the case may be) relinquishes ownership of the products/goods to the purchaser. _________________________________ * Confidential portions have been omitted and filed separately with the Commission). EXHIBIT F APPROVAL NO.: 27 (2008) / 7 (2008) / PAB-IL Government of India Ministry of Commerce & Industry Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion Secretariat For Industrial Assistance (PAB – IL SECTION) New Delhi, the April 07, 2008. To M/s. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX, 00 XX XXXXX, AURANGABAD – PAITHAN ROAD, VILLAGE CHITEGAON TALUKA – PAITHAN, AURANGABAD – 431005 MAHARASHTRA SUBJECT: Application for foreign collaboration (SIA Regn.
EX FACTORY PRICE means [**].
EX FACTORY PRICE means the price, FOB the factory dock, at which Licensee sells or transfers items licensed hereunder to its sales subsidiaries or other customers. Said Ex-factory Price shall not include: sales returns, shipping charges, discounts, commodity, excise or sales or similar taxes, or other expenses or costs occurring downstream from the FOB point.