Unit of Product definition

Unit of Product means one 0.9 mg vial of the current lyophilized form of injectable collagenases derived from Clostridium histolyticum and one 3 xX xxxx of sterile diluent containing NaCl and CaCl2.
Unit of Product means a unit used to measure the total quantity of product(s), co-product(s) and/or intermediate product(s) produced by a production process, and which is not changed by an industrial facility from year to year.
Unit of Product means a tablet, capsule or other individual dosage of Product.

Examples of Unit of Product in a sentence

  • Unit of Product means a measure that reflects the level of production or activity associated with the use of the toxic or the generation of the toxic as byproduct.

  • Connetics shall pay DPT for Products a price per Unit of Product equal to the Manufacturing Fee plus the Materials Fee.

  • Only one royalty will be due with respect to the same Unit of Product.

  • To the extent OSUR supplies Product after being provided with the country-specific designation or SKU less than sixty (60) days in advance of the scheduled delivery date (the “Late Designation”), OSUR shall be entitled to receive, and Distributor agrees to pay, to OSUR up to *** per Unit of Product supplied by OSUR, as reimbursement for costs incurred by OSUR as a result of the Late Designation.

  • Teva shall pay to Alexza for each Unit of Product delivered in Prepackaged Form to Teva or its Affiliates, Distributors or Sublicensees, as follows: at Alexza’s Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost, until such Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost reaches [ * ] per Unit, at which point Teva shall pay to Alexza [ * ] per Unit for such supply by Alexza (the “Transfer Price”).

More Definitions of Unit of Product

Unit of Product means a month of therapy of Product for an individual end user.
Unit of Product means thirty (30) tablets of Product, irrespective of whether packaged as one pack, as part of a pack, as multiple packs, or sold, supplied or packaged in any other way.
Unit of Product means an individual unit of the Product.
Unit of Product means the amount of the AIDSVAX Vaccine active ingredient equal to that contained in one human dose of Vaccine as set forth from time to time in the FDA license for the Vaccine. This definition of "Unit of Product" shall apply to the annual supply and purchase obligations of the Parties and shall be adjusted annually to reflect the FDA license specifications for one human dose current in each year.
Unit of Product means one 0.9 mg vial of the current Product and one 3 xX xxxx of sterile diluent containing NaCl and CaCl2.
Unit of Product means one dual chambered carpule with lyophilized Product in one chamber and reconstitution liquid in the second chamber. Upon reconstitution, the carpule will contain fourteen (14) doses of Product at 100 micrograms per dose.