Definition of eNom Closing Date

eNom Closing Date means the date of completion of the eNom Purchase Transaction.

Examples of eNom Closing Date in a sentence

Attached hereto as Schedule 8.01(n) is a true and complete list of all Material Agreements to which the Companies are a party as at the eNom Closing Date.
The Credit Parties undertake and agree to obtain and provide such audited financial statements and additional financial information to the Agent by no later than ninety (90) days after the eNom Closing Date.
Attached hereto as Schedule 8.01(l) is a list of all such material Intellectual Property held by the Companies as at the eNom Closing Date, including a description of the nature of such rights.
The Advance under Facility D shall be made on the eNom Closing Date to assist Acquireco in acquiring the eNom Shares in accordance with the terms and conditions of the eNom Purchase Agreement.