Endeavour definition

Endeavour means and refer to The Endeavour Capital Fund Limited Partnership, an Oregon limited partnership.
Endeavour has the meaning specified therefor in the introductory paragraph.
Endeavour has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

Examples of Endeavour in a sentence

  • Provided that Quick Heal shall Endeavour to complete the task within a reasonable period after happening of any event as covered under such force majeure.

  • Formerly with Yamana Gold, Endeavour Mining and Pan American Silver.

  • Endeavour to facilitate access to clinical supervision for all clinicians and clinically related staff, including permitting time away from the workplace in order to attend clinical supervision.

  • Previously he was Chief Operating Officer of Endeavour Mining Corporation following its merger with Adamus Resources Limited where he was Managing Director and CEO.

  • Northland’s major shareholder, Endeavour Capital, is a Western U.S. private investment firm.

More Definitions of Endeavour

Endeavour means Endeavour Foundation.
Endeavour means Endeavour Foundation ACN 009 670 704;
Endeavour means “to attempt by exertion of effort.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online, at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/endeavor. “Strive” means “to devote serious effort or energy.” Id. at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/strive.
Endeavour means American Endeavour Fund Limited, a Jersey Corporation.
Endeavour means American Endeavour Fund Limited, a Jersey corporation.
Endeavour means Endeavour Mining Corporation, an exempted company incorporated with limited liability in the Cayman Islands;
Endeavour means Endeavour Trust Corporation, the registrar and transfer agent for the Company.