Endeavour definition

Endeavour means and refer to The Endeavour Capital Fund Limited Partnership, an Oregon limited partnership.
Endeavour means Endeavour Foundation.

Examples of Endeavour in a sentence

  • An Eligible Holder that elects or is deemed to have elected to receive Endeavour Shares in consideration for its Avion Shares will be entitled to receive solely Endeavour Shares (indirectly through the exchange of each Avion Share held by that holder for 0.365 New Avion Shares and the subsequent exchange of each New Avion Share for one Endeavour Share as set out in Section 3.1 hereof).

  • The undersigned, hereby represents and warrants to Endeavour SubCo, Endeavour Gold and Avion that the undersigned has good title to, and owns, the share(s) represented by this certificate to be acquired by Endeavour SubCo, Endeavour Gold or Avion, as the case may be, free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances.

  • This Retraction Request, and this offer to sell the Retracted Shares to Endeavour SubCo or Endeavour Gold, may be revoked and withdrawn by the undersigned only by notice in writing given to Avion at any time before the close of business on the Business Day immediately preceding the Retraction Date.

  • The undersigned hereby represents and warrants to Avion and Endeavour SubCo or Endeavour Gold (as applicable) that the undersigned: 🞏 is (select one) 🞏 is not a non-resident of Canada for purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

  • The Council provides the Endeavour Card for all those young people in full-time education, learning and training, which includes those participating on traineeships, supported internships and apprenticeships.

More Definitions of Endeavour

Endeavour means Endeavour Trust Corporation, the registrar and transfer agent for the Company.
Endeavour means “to attempt by exertion of effort.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online, at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/endeavor. “Strive” means “to devote serious effort or energy.” Id. at http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/strive.
Endeavour has the meaning specified therefor in the introductory paragraph.
Endeavour means Endeavour Foundation ACN 009 670 704;
Endeavour means American Endeavour Fund Limited, a Jersey corporation.
Endeavour means American Endeavour Fund Limited, a Jersey Corporation.