Definition of ECA Lenders

ECA Lenders means the GIEK Lender, KEXIM, and the K-sure Lenders.

Examples of ECA Lenders in a sentence

In the event that any National Agent gives any notice or consent or, in the circumstances contemplated by clause 15.5, fails to give any notice or consent, the ECA Agent and the Security Trustee shall be entitled (and bound) to assume that that notice or consent has been given or, as the case may be, failed to have been given by all the ECA Lenders in the relevant National Agent's National Syndicate.
The ECA Agent shall not, however, have any duties, obligations or liabilities to the ECA Lenders beyond those expressly stated in this Agreement and the other Transaction Documents.
Upon the expiry of the period specified in any Notice of Reservation of Rights, the Security Trustee shall, if it is instructed in writing to do so by the ECA Agent (at the request of all of the ECA Lenders) prior to the expiry of that period (provided the Security Trustee does not receive a Notice for Action pursuant to clause 11.5.2 within that period), give to the relevant Lessee and any other relevant person a further Notice of Reservation of Rights.
Each of the parties to this Agreement acknowledges and agrees that wherever in this Agreement the Security Trustee is expressed to take any action, or make any determination, it shall take such action and make such determination at the direction of the ECA Agent acting on the instructions of all of the ECA Lenders or, where specified the Majority Lenders.
Each payment so received by the National Agents shall (unless otherwise agreed by that National Agent and the relevant ECA Lenders in its National Syndicate to the contrary) be distributed between the relevant ECA Lenders in its National Syndicate in accordance with their respective Contributions.