DOA definition

DOA means the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
DOA means the Design Organization Approval.

Examples of DOA in a sentence

  • Besides, some metasurface-based estimating DOA methods have emerged as alternatives, but they have limited applications due to the stringent requirements for equipment and environment.In this report, we will present a different method to lift these limitations by combining artificial neural networks (ANNs) with space-time-coding (STC) programmable metasurfaces.

  • The proposed theory and metasurface provide on-demand selections of ANN models for reaching optimal DOA estimations in different scenarios, which holds promising application potentials in wireless sensing, communication, radar, and other self-adaptive information systems.

  • On the other hand, direction of arrival (DOA) estimation has long been an attractive research topic in various industries and is a vital technique for intelligent wireless systems.

  • Analysis by the Legislative Reference BureauUnder current law, the Department of Administration (DOA) is required to promulgate rules for the procurement of contractual services by DOA and its designated agents.

  • Ordering DOA not to undertake to terminate any existing contract from the date of this Decision to the date of a duly promulgated rule on the basis of any vendor’s failure to certify.

More Definitions of DOA

DOA means Product, or any portion thereof, which fails to operate properly on initial installation, boot, or use, as applicable.
DOA means the Illinois Department of Agriculture. "DPH" means the Illinois Department of Public Health. "Excluded offense" means:
DOA means the Department of Aviation at ATL.
DOA means the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration and any successor entity.
DOA. The Illinois Department on Aging, and any successor agency, that operates the HCBS Waiver for the elderly (Persons who are Elderly HCBS Waiver).