Directly accessible definition

Directly accessible means accessible without crossing a motor traffic throughway.
Directly accessible means such liquor vend shall not be directly approachable from the National Highway and State Highway.

Examples of Directly accessible in a sentence

  • If the parents are divorced, it is unusual for one parent to obtain permission from the other parent to leave the country with the child or children.409 EducationPrimary education begins at the age of six.

  • Directly accessible are the orientational decorrelation functions of the phenyl stems.

  • This requirement may be waived only by the facility use coordinator or facility use manager.4. Directly accessible to the renter for the entire facility rental period, and responsible for: opening and securing the facility before and after use (no district facility keys will be issued to the renter); the sanitation of all restrooms/locker rooms and for following the custodial guidelines for cleaning; and securing all areas used including all exterior doors.

  • An Outdoor Living Area (OLA) shall be provided as follows (no other R-Codes site cover standards apply):4.1. Minimum area of 10% of the lot size or 20m2, whichever is greater, and with a minimum dimension of 3.0m; and4.2. Directly accessible from a habitable room and behind the street setback. Minimum 50% open space (refer to R- Codes cl.

  • Directly accessible information refers to all information that is held in a database directly accessible by the Single Point of Contact or the law enforcement authorities of the requested Member State, whether or not it was previously obtained by coercive measures.

  • Outdoor living areasElementDeemed-to-complyProposedOutdoor Living Area (OLA)OLA to be provided:• In accordance with Table 1 (16m2);• Behind street setback area;• Directly accessible from a habitable room of the dwelling;• Minimum length and width dimension of 4m;• At least two- thirds of the required area without permanent roof cover (10.6m2).

  • Minimum dimension of 3m.POS of all units is provided at ground level with a minimum dimension of 3m.Yes Directly accessible from a main living area.POS is accessible from kitchen or living areas.

  • Directly accessible does not necessarily mean that nonresidential uses need to be located in a particular location but that the siting of such uses considers the accessibility of the residential areas of the planned unit development to the nonresidential use.(Ord.

  • Directly accessible and visible from road with a clear view of drive from inside house.

  • Directly accessible to the public for community use and extended hours of operation.

Related to Directly accessible

  • Readily accessible means areas within the interior of the dwelling unit available for observation at the time of the move-in inspection that do not require removal of materials, personal property, equipment or similar items.

  • Accessible , in reference to a parcel, means that the parcel meets 1 or both of the following requirements:

  • Directly means that each room used for living has a heat source (e.g., working radiator; working hot air register; baseboard heat)

  • Directly Operate With respect to any REO Property, the furnishing or rendering of services to the tenants thereof, the management or operation of such REO Property, the holding of such REO Property primarily for sale to customers, the performance of any construction work thereon or any use of such REO Property in a trade or business conducted by REMIC I other than through an Independent Contractor; provided, however, that the Trustee (or the Master Servicer on behalf of the Trustee) shall not be considered to Directly Operate an REO Property solely because the Trustee (or the Master Servicer on behalf of the Trustee) establishes rental terms, chooses tenants, enters into or renews leases, deals with taxes and insurance, or makes decisions as to repairs or capital expenditures with respect to such REO Property.

  • Inaccessible means an Insured cannot reach his/her Destination by the original mode of transportation.

  • Directly supervised means a qualified staff member maintains visual contact with the supervised staff.

  • directly or indirectly means the Participant acting either alone or jointly with or on behalf of or by means of or in concert with any other person, firm or company (whether as principal, partner, manager, employee, contractor, director, consultant, investor or similar capacity) or otherwise.

  • Operating Hours means the hours listed in an early learning program parent handbook when the program is open and providing care and services to children.

  • office hours means the period beginning at 10:00 a.m. of a day and ending at 4:30 p.m. of the same day.

  • Business Data means all business information and data, including Personal Information (whether of employees, contractors, consultants, customers, consumers, or other persons and whether in electronic or any other form or medium) that is accessed, collected, used, stored, shared, distributed, transferred, disclosed, destroyed, disposed of or otherwise processed by any of the Business Systems or otherwise in the course of the conduct of the business of the Company or any Company Subsidiaries.

  • Primarily means 50 percent or more of the time.

  • indirectly as used in this section and section 8 below is intended to include any acts authorized or directed by or on behalf of the Employee or any Affiliate of the Employee.

  • Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) means the lowest emission limit that a particular source is capable of meeting by the application of control technology that is reasonably available considering technological and economic feasibility. It may require technology that has been applied to similar, but not necessarily identical source categories.

  • Confidential System Information means any communication or record (whether oral, written, electronically stored or transmitted, or in any other form) provided to or made available to Grantee; or that Grantee may create, receive, maintain, use, disclose or have access to on behalf of HHSC or through performance of the Project, which is not designated as Confidential Information in a Data Use Agreement.

  • Data Controller shall have the same meaning as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998;

  • Information owner means the individual appointed in accordance with division (A) of section 1347.05 of the Revised Code to be directly responsible for a system.

  • Accounting Information means the annual audited consolidated financial statements or, as the case may be, the quarterly unaudited consolidated financial statements, each in respect of the Borrower and the Group, to be provided by the Borrower to the Agent in accordance with Clause 11.6.

  • Critical access hospital or “CAH” means a hospital licensed as a critical access hospital by the department of inspections and appeals pursuant to rule 481—51.52(135B).

  • Distinguishable from background means that the detectable concentration of a radionuclide is statistically different from the background concentration of that radionuclide in the vicinity of the site or, in the case of structures, in similar materials using adequate measurement technology, survey, and statistical techniques.

  • Directory information means information contained in an education record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. It includes, but is not limited to: the student’s name, address, telephone listing, electronic mail address, photograph, date and place of birth, major field of study, dates of attendance, grade level, enrollment status (i.e., full-time or part-time), participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, degrees, honors and awards received, and the most recent educational agency or institution attended. It also includes the name, address, and telephone number of the student’s parent(s). Directory information does not include:

  • Commercially Useful Function means responsibility for the execution of a distinct element of the work of the contract, which is carried out by actually performing, managing, and supervising the work involved, evidencing the responsibilities and risks of a business owner such as negotiating the terms of (sub)contracts, taking on a financial risk commensurate with the contract or its subcontract, responsibility for acquiring the appropriate lines of credit and/or loans, or fulfilling responsibilities as a joint venture partner as described in the joint venture agreement.

  • Inside Information means any information relating to any Competition or Event that a Participant possesses by virtue of his position within the sport. Such information includes, but is not limited to, factual information regarding the competitors, the conditions, tactical considerations or any other aspect of the Competition or Event, but does not include such information that is already published or a matter of public record, readily acquired by an interested member of the public or disclosed according to the rules and regulations governing the relevant Competition or Event;

  • Private information means **personal information in combination with any one or more of the following data elements, when either the personal information or the data element is not encrypted or encrypted with an encryption key that has also been acquired:

  • Specially Written Software means any software created by the Contractor (or by a third party on behalf of the Contractor) specifically for the purposes of this Contract.

  • Line Information Data Base (LIDB) means a transaction-oriented database system that functions as a centralized repository for data storage and retrieval. LIDB is accessible through CCS networks. LIDB contains records associated with End User line numbers and special billing numbers. LIDB accepts queries from other network elements and provides return result, return error, and return reject responses as appropriate. Examples of information that Account Owners might store in LIDB and in their Line Records are: ABS Validation Data, Originating Line Number Screening (OLNS) data, ZIP Code data, and Calling Name Information.

  • Certified household means a household that has been certified by an Administrative Agent as a low-income household or moderate-income household.