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  • References 5.1Normative References [AS1] RFC3335 "MIME-based Secure Peer-to-Peer Business Data Interchange over the Internet using SMTP", T.

  • To facilitate advanced data integration and management features for the maritime industry, a rich extendable Business Data Model has been developed for many years covering most aspects of maritime industry requirements.

  • LCI alleges that the Structural Model, Customer Data, and Business Data (collectively, the “Trade Secrets”) are trade secrets owned by LCI.

  • Consult with Business Data Stewards in obtaining, generating and capturing Meta Data.

  • LCI alleges the Structural Model, Customer Data, and Business Data are trade secrets within the meaning of the NCTSPA and that Phillips misappropriated those trade secrets.

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Business Data means all confidential business information and data that is accessed, collected, used, stored, shared, distributed, transferred, destroyed, or otherwise processed by any of the Business Systems or otherwise in the course of the conduct of the business of the Company.
Business Data means all confidential data, information, and data compilations contained in the IT Systems or any databases Relating to the Businesses, including Personal Data, that are used by, or necessary to the Businesses.
Business Data means all data and information that is created or used by the Company, or is processed by or stored on any Company IT Asset;
Business Data means confidential or proprietary data, databases, data compilations and data collections (including customer databases) technical, business and other information, including Personal Data;
Business Data means data, databases of data or information, in any format, Processed in the conduct of the Business, including all financial data related to the Business, all student data contained in any databases that are Processed in the conduct of the Business, all Company Training Data, all customer lists, all supplier lists, all pricing and cost information, and any data relating to business and marketing plans, in each case, in any form or media, whether or not specifically listed herein.