Intermediaries definition

Intermediaries means people who do not assist but who rather act as a conduit for the transmission of information to certain groups of persons with disabilities, for example, sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired. The term is also used in draft article 20 (a).
Intermediaries means the relevant Agent Bank, CPF Board and/or the relevant SRS operator;

Examples of Intermediaries in a sentence

  • To ensure compliance with the FCPA, no Berkshire company or its agents or Intermediaries may corruptly provide, promise or offer to provide anything of value to a government official for any of the following purposes: • Influencing the official;• Securing any improper advantage;• Affecting any official decision; or• Helping the Berkshire company obtain or retain business or direct business to any other person or company.

  • In more recent times, FNMA has sold its mortgages directly to investors through mortgage passthrough References Allen, Franklin and Douglas Gale [1997], “Financial Markets, Intermediaries and Intertemporal Smoothing,” Journal of Political Economy, 105 (3), 523-546.

  • Fisch, Rethinking the Regulation of Securities Intermediaries, 158 U.

  • Solicitation of proxies from Non-registered Shareholders will be carried out by Intermediaries, or by the Corporation if the names and addresses of Non-registered Shareholders are provided by the Intermediaries.

  • The Intermediaries are required to forward the Documents to Non-registered Shareholders.

More Definitions of Intermediaries

Intermediaries is defined in Section 18.1.
Intermediaries means any person that carries the responsibility vis-à-vis the taxpayer for designing, marketing, organising or managing the implementation of the tax aspects of a reportable cross-border arrangement, or series of such arrangements, in the course of providing services relating to taxation. "Intermediaries" also means any such person that undertakes to provide, directly or by means of other persons to which it is related, material aid, assistance or advice with respect to designing, marketing, organising or managing the tax aspects of a reportable cross-border arrangement.
Intermediaries means: any natural or legal person, registered in the single electronic register of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries referred to in article 109 of legislative decree n. 209 of 7 September 2005, who pursues insurance or reinsurance mediation for remuneration;
Intermediaries means each Company on behalf of the variable annuity and variable life separate accounts listed in Schedule 1 for the Companies, or such other separate accounts as may be established by such Company from time to time, which invest in the Fund.