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Did not consent means that (name of victim) did not freely agree to have sexual
Did not consent means that (name of victim) did not freely agree to have sexual (contact) (intercourse) with the defendant. In deciding whether (name of victim) did not consent, you should consider what (name of victim) said and did, along with all the other facts and circumstances. This element does not require that (name of victim) offered physical resistance.7
Did not consent means that GSK did not freely agree to have sexual intercourse with the defendant or that GSK was not competent to give informed consent. In deciding whether GSK did not consent, you should consider what GSK said and did, along with all the other facts and circumstances. This element does not require that GSK offered physical resistance.

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  • Did not consent form code for forms link below to winchester has no time or trip, ma as appropriate period, alcohol or other school.

  • Patients entering MAP up to 31 March 2012 n = 145 Did not consent to participation in evaluation n = 2 (1%) b.

  • Did not consent to have sexual intercourse, or to have sexual intercourse with that person; or was married to that person, at the time when the sexual intercourse took place, by a marriage entered into outside Scotland and recognised as valid by Scots law.

  • Appendix B: Trial Profile Excluded (n)- Did not consent- Did not meet inclusion criteria- Met exclusioncriteriaAssessed for eligibility (between 11 to 14 weeks’ gestation and twin gestations) (n) Randomized 1:1 into two groups Open label received standard cares.

  • According to the tradition of corporate governance, there are collegial bodies at different levels of the institutions that have the right to participate in academic matters (senate and assembly at central level and department councils at decentral level).

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Did not consent means that [the victim] did not freely agree to have sexual contact with the defendant. In deciding whether [the victim] did not consent, you should consider what she said and did, along with all the other facts and circumstances. This element does not require that [the victim] offered physical resistance. (Footnote omitted.)

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