Deposit Plan definition

Deposit Plan means your deposit savings plan contracted under these Generic Terms and Conditions and any relevant Key Terms.
Deposit Plan means your investment contracted under these Generic Terms and Conditions and any relevant Addendum.
Deposit Plan means that part of your Plan

Examples of Deposit Plan in a sentence

  • For Deposit Plans held in more than one name, the Deposit Plan will continue in the name(s) of the surviving investors.

  • Inspectors Report The Inspector will publish a report outlining the examination’s findings, together with any changes to the Deposit Plan and reasons for those recommendations.

  • This agreement will allow the First Trustee to relinquish all interests in the Deposit Plan and for the Plan Manager to allow the Deposit Plan to be re-registered in the name of the trustee of the Second Scheme who will take over the Deposit Plan on exactly the same terms as the First Trustee.

  • The Brokered Deposit Plan shall detail the current composition of the Bank’s brokered deposits by maturity and explain the means by which such deposits will be paid.

  • Thereafter, the Bank shall implement and fully comply with the Brokered Deposit Plan.

  • The Company does not accept deposits under Systematic Deposit Plan from foreign nationals, Person of Indian Origin and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).

  • We will hold the proceeds of your Deposit Plan in an interest-bearing client account for a reasonable period until we receive your instructions.

  • Submission of LDP to WG To submit the Deposit Plan, Sustainability Appraisal Report, Community Involvement Scheme, copies of all representations received, key supporting evidence, the Consultation Report, the report on the LPA's suggested changes and a Statement of the main issues to the WG and the Planning Inspectorate.

  • Deposit To pay due regard to the foregoing consultation exercises and stakeholder engagements and formulate and consult on a Deposit Plan.

  • Bajaj Finance Limited (hereinafter referred to as the ' Company/BFL' shall accept fixed deposit ("Deposit") under the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) under Plan 1 i.e. Monthly Maturity Scheme or Plan 2 i.e. Single Maturity Scheme, selected by the Applicant at its sole and absolute discretion and subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

More Definitions of Deposit Plan

Deposit Plan means that part of your Plan that is not an ISA contracted under these Generic Terms and Conditions and any relevant Addendum.
Deposit Plan means the part of your Deposit Bond that is not a Cash ISA.

Related to Deposit Plan

  • Deposit Account means a demand, time, savings, passbook or like account with a bank, savings and loan association, credit union or like organization, other than an account evidenced by a negotiable certificate of deposit.

  • Controlled Deposit Account means a Deposit Account (i) that is subject to a Deposit Account Control Agreement or (ii) as to which the Collateral Agent is the Depositary Bank’s “customer” (as defined in UCC Section 4-104).

  • Deposit Account Agreement means the Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure, as may be amended from time to time, issued by the Custodian and available on the Custodian’s internet customer portal, “”.

  • L/C Cash Deposit Account means an interest bearing cash deposit account to be established and maintained by the Agent, over which the Agent shall have sole dominion and control, upon terms as may be satisfactory to the Agent.

  • Controlled Securities Account means each securities account (including all financial assets held therein and all certificates and instruments, if any, representing or evidencing such financial assets) that is the subject of an effective Control Agreement.

  • Depository Institution Any depository institution or trust company, including the Trustee, that (a) is incorporated under the laws of the United States of America or any State thereof, (b) is subject to supervision and examination by federal or state banking authorities and (c) has outstanding unsecured commercial paper or other short-term unsecured debt obligations that are rated P-1 by Moody's, F1+ by Fitch and A-1 by Standard & Poor's.

  • Designated Deposit Account is Borrower’s deposit account, account number , maintained with Bank.

  • Eligible Deposit Account means either (a) a segregated account with an Eligible Institution or (b) a segregated trust account with the corporate trust department of a depository institution organized under the laws of the United States of America or any one of the states thereof or the District of Columbia (or any domestic branch of a foreign bank), having corporate trust powers and acting as trustee for funds deposited in such account, so long as any of the securities of such depository institution shall have a credit rating from each Rating Agency in one of its generic rating categories that signifies investment grade.

  • Depository Bank means the Institution that issues a specific Depositary Receipt on behalf of the underlying company. The Depository Bank maintains a holding of Stock in the Underlying on which it is able to issue Depositary Receipts;

  • Depository Account includes any commercial, checking, savings, time, or thrift account, or an account that is evidenced by a certificate of deposit, thrift certificate, investment certificate, certificate of indebtedness, or other similar instrument maintained by a Financial Institution in the ordinary course of a banking or similar business. A Depository Account also includes an amount held by an insurance company pursuant to a guaranteed investment contract or similar agreement to pay or credit interest thereon.

  • Securities Account is any “securities account” as defined in the Code with such additions to such term as may hereafter be made.

  • Designated Depository Institution A depository institution (commercial bank, federal savings bank, mutual savings bank or savings and loan association) or trust company (which may include the Trustee), the deposits of which are fully insured by the FDIC to the extent provided by law.

  • Approved Deposit Account means a Deposit Account maintained by any Loan Party that is the subject of an effective Deposit Account Control Agreement. “Approved Deposit Account” includes all monies on deposit in a Deposit Account and all certificates and instruments, if any, representing or evidencing such Deposit Account.

  • Operating Account means a demand deposit account maintained at the Funding Bank in Borrower's name and designated for funding that portion of each Eligible Loan not funded by a Warehousing Advance made against that Eligible Loan and for returning any excess payment from an Investor for a Pledged Loan or Pledged Security.

  • Cash Management Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.7(a).

  • Deposit Account Control Agreement means an agreement, in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent (in its Permitted Discretion), among any Loan Party, a banking institution holding such Loan Party’s funds, and the Agent with respect to collection and control of all deposits and balances held in a deposit account maintained by any Loan Party with such banking institution, as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof.

  • Excluded Deposit Account means (a) any deposit account exclusively used for payroll, payroll taxes, and other employee wage and benefit payments to or for the benefit of Borrower’s employees and identified to Bank by Borrower as such and (b) any Xxxxx Cash Accounts.

  • Security Deposit Account has the meaning given in Section 5.1.

  • Direct Account : means any Account which is not an ISA Account.

  • Collateral Deposit Account shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(a).

  • Deposit Account Bank means a financial institution selected or approved by the Administrative Agent and with respect to which a Grantor has delivered to the Administrative Agent an executed Deposit Account Control Agreement.

  • Subsidy Account If the Trust Estate contains any Subsidy Loans, the deposit account or accounts created and maintained by the Servicer for deposit of Subsidy Funds and amounts payable under interest subsidy agreements relating to mortgage loans other than the Mortgage Loans.

  • Deposit Account Control Agreements means, with respect to each deposit account that is required by the Collateral Agreement to be subject to a control agreement, a deposit account control agreement executed by the Borrower, the Administrative Agent as the secured party thereto, and the deposit bank, as each may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.

  • Securities Account Control Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Separate Account shall have the respective meanings assigned to such terms in Section 3 of ERISA.

  • Client Account means the unique personalized account of the Client consisting of all Completed Transactions, Open Positions and Orders on the Platform, the Balance of the Client money and deposit/withdrawal transactions of the Client money. It is understood that the Company may use the term Trading Account or Account on its Website or communications, which shall mean your Client Account.