Dean of Students definition

Dean of Students means the Dean of Students, his/her designee(s), or his/her representative(s).
Dean of Students means the Dean of Students at a member College or any person carrying out that function, however named.

Examples of Dean of Students in a sentence

  • Bills are to be paid in full at the time of purchase unless special permission to defer payment has been received from the Dean of Students.

  • If a student exceeds the three college visits during the year, each subsequent visit will count against attendance for exemption purposes, unless approved in advance by the Dean of Students.

  • They are appointed by the Dean of Students in consultation with the faculty.

  • They should confer with their Faculty Advisor or the Dean of Students if there is a financial problem.

  • ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE EDUCATION PROGRAMSPrograms available for students needing assistance with drug, alcohol, or counseling include the following: Office of the Dean of Students, Information Commons West, Room 219, 417-447-6966, serves to administer and uphold the Ozarks Technical Community College, Code of Student Conduct.

More Definitions of Dean of Students

Dean of Students means the dean of students of the University of Texas at Austin or any delegate or representative of the dean of students.
Dean of Students means the chief student affairs officer who is the administrator responsible for student ser- vices or designee.
Dean of Students means the Associate Vice-President (Students and Learning) and Dean of Students;
Dean of Students means the person appointed Dean of Students under paragraph 12 of the Third Schedule;
Dean of Students means the University Dean of Students or his/her designee.
Dean of Students means the Dean of Students of the University and his or her designees.
Dean of Students means the administrative officer bearing this or similar title and may include their designee.