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Day fine means a fine imposed by the sentencing court that
Day fine means a fine imposed by the sentencing court that equals the difference between the offender's net daily income and the reasonable obligations that the offender has for the support of the offender and any dependents.
Day fine means the offender is ordered to pay an

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  • Even though their 1912 Convention voted against union mediation in disputes, standardized black listing, rejected a minimum wage and pay for strikers, most PSMFO members did not confirm to this agreement until March 1913.32 This time lag allowed for the expansion of worker unrest.The Mensheviks held a majority on the Union's governing board when a strike at Siemens–Halske against a May Day fine became a 91-day protest against factory reforms.

  • Statistisches Bundesamt [Bureau of Statistics], Strafverfolgungsstatistik 2010 (Fachserie 10, reihe 3, 2010), Tabelle 2.3 ‗Verurteilte nach Art der Entscheidung‘ [Criminal JusticeGermany the day fine is measured in units,84 with the amount of each unit dependant on the personal and financial circumstances of the offender: Section 40 - Day fine units(1) A fine shall be imposed in daily units.

  • Day fine unit amounts are calculated on the basis of one thousandth of gross annual income (about one-fourth of total daily income), with responsibilities for dependants, taxes, debts etc.

  • Year 11 students spent their final Focus Day fine tuning their approach to the forthcoming GCSE exams with a day of subject master classes at the home of Newcastle United FC.

  • Day fine systems have also met with significant community support and are generally regarded to operate with a high degree of fairness and legitimacy.27 Recommendations1.

  • Day- fine systems in West Germany and Sweden illustrate how these fining systems reconcile the potentially conflicting principles of proportionality and equity in sentencing by use of a two-stage decision process to set the amount of the fine.

  • The offences covered by the Act are 27 in number, all having to do with violence against the persons.The Swedish Day fine system is said to be a refinement of the provision of compensation to victims of crime.

  • With probation: supervision, reporting and help & supportFineX- Day fine-- Other financial penalties-- Sanctions/ Measures/Penalties/ ConditionsProvision in legislationProbation service involvementMain characteristics of the probation activityIn/out patient order (psychiatric treatment) X XWith or without probation order.

  • Day fine shall be defined as a structured fine payment plan calculated 4 according to an individual’s income.

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Day fine means a fine imposed by the sentencing
Day fine means a fine imposed by the sentencing judge that
Day fine means a fine imposed by the sentencing judge which

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