CREC definition

CREC means Centex Real Estate Corporation, a Nevada corporation and an indirect wholly owned Subsidiary of Centex.

Examples of CREC in a sentence

  • This disclosure must be made in writing to CREC for an evaluation.

  • CREC must receive a report annually summarizing the executed lease purchases along with the summary of the customer purchases.

  • To the extent not otherwise described in this document, once a purchase order is issued by a Participant to a Contractor, all of the provisions of the contract shall benefit and be enforceable by such Participant, unless specifically identified as applying to CREC only.

  • CREC will not collect lease payments or be involved in the terms and conditions of the lease.

  • Determination of the existence of a conflict of interest does not prohibit CREC and/or a Participant from entering into the contract and purchase order, respectively.

  • For a transaction to be considered “arms-length” or “independent”, a CREC employee should not be influenced, dependent upon, guided or controlled by a vendor into choosing that vendor, or item to purchase; nor should it appear to a third party that a CREC employee made a purchasing decision which appears to be based upon a personal relationship between the CREC employee and vendor.

  • The Contractor must advise CREC its intent to use the contract in any of these states.

  • Marketing and Advertising - Contractor agrees to provide CREC with a copy or proof sheet of all advertisements, customer communications or promotional material for prior approval.

  • Sales made in any of these states using the AEPA contract are to be reported to CREC, with the 2.0% administrative fee made payable to CREC.

  • Freedom of Information Act - The Contractor acknowledges that CREC and some Participants are subject to the Freedom of Information Act, Connecticut General Statutes Sections 1-200 et seq., and submitted to CREC and/or such Participants may be made available to the public under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

More Definitions of CREC

CREC seniority as utilized elsewhere in the Agreement.
CREC means a Commission-regulated electric distribution company or a Commission-regulated utility. "Customer-Sited Generation" means a Generation Unit that is interconnected on the End-Use Customer's side of the retail electricity meter in such a manner that it displaces all or part of the metered consumption ofthe End-Use Customer.
CREC. X” (afirmació simple) • Nivell 2: “Crec X + dades” (justificació simple) • Nivell 3: “Crec X + dades perquè... (justificació amb relacions) • Nivell 4: “Crec X + dades perquè... Encara que... (justificació amb relacions i refutació) Objectius de l’argumentació • Donar suport a les pròpies declaracions amb proves • Recollir dades / proves • Avaluar les dades / evidències (per exemple, preguntant-ne la validesa de la seva font) • Comprendre per què una perspectiva és menys plausible que una altra • Identificar diferents motivacions / raons / veus en fonts / proves • Desenvolupar habilitats de deliberació • Reconèixer el valor dels aspectes socials de l'aula (treball en petit grup, col·laboració, discussió) Diàleg i argumentació a l'aula

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