Conversion Rights definition

Conversion Rights means exchange of, or the rights to exchange, the Principal Amount of the Loan, or any part thereof, for fully paid and nonassessable Common Stock on the terms and conditions provided in the Debentures.
Conversion Rights has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.
Conversion Rights has the meaning specified in Section 5.1(a) of the Conditions;

Examples of Conversion Rights in a sentence

  • All Bonds which are redeemed or in respect of which Conversion Rights are exercised will be cancelled and may not be reissued or resold.

  • Amendment to the Terms and Conditions of the Issue in order to enable the conversion of the Notes into Class B Shares, which will mainly affect the terms of Conditions 3 (Definitions), 6(a) (Conversion Period and Conversion Price), 6(g) (Procedure for exercise of Conversion Rights), 6(j) (Net Share Settlement), 7(d) (Redemption at the option of Noteholders following a Triggering Event) and 11 (Undertakings).

  • Conversion Rights The Series A preferred units do not provide the preferred members with any conversion rights.

  • If the Conversion Rights are not exercised by Bondholders during the relevant period, the Bonds will be redeemed at their principal amount on the Final Maturity Date unless they are previously purchased and cancelled, redeemed or converted in accordance with the Conditions.

  • Conversion Rights may be exercised (subject to the Conditions, any applicable fiscal or other laws or regulations) in the circumstances set out in Condition 6(a).

More Definitions of Conversion Rights

Conversion Rights means, collectively, the rights set forth in Article 13 of the Indentures (such conversion rights, including Physical Settlement, Cash Settlement and/or Combination Settlement, as each such term is defined in the respective Indentures).
Conversion Rights means the rights to convert Series C-V Preferred Stock into Common Stock as provided in this Section 7F.
Conversion Rights. Upon the occurrence of a Change of Control, each holder of Series C Preferred Stock will have the right (unless, prior to the Change of Control Conversion Date, the Issuer has provided or provides notice of its election to redeem the Series C Preferred Stock) to convert some or all of the Series C Preferred Stock held by such holder on the Change of Control Conversion Date into a number of shares of the Issuer’s common stock (or equivalent value of alternative consideration) per share of Series C Preferred Stock to be converted equal to the lesser of: · the quotient obtained by dividing (1) the sum of the $25.00 liquidation preference plus the amount of any accumulated and unpaid dividends to, but not including, the Change of Control Conversion Date (unless the Change of Control Conversion Date is after a record date for a Series C Preferred Stock dividend payment and prior to the corresponding Series C Preferred Stock dividend payment date, in which case no additional amount for such accumulated and unpaid dividends will be included in this sum) by (2) the Common Stock Price (as defined below); and
Conversion Rights means the right of the Class M Trust Unitholders to cause the Trust to re-designate all or any part of their Class M Trust Units into Class A Trust Units as set forth in Section 3.2.
Conversion Rights means the right or obligation of the Class B Unitholders to cause the REIT LP to re-designate all their Class B Units into Units at the Specified Ratio, as set forth in the REIT LP Agreement;
Conversion Rights has the meaning ascribed to it in Article 7(d).
Conversion Rights the rights to be attached to the Bonds to convert the principal amount of the Bonds or a part thereof into Shares;