Conexus definition

Conexus means Conexus Credit Union 2006; and
Conexus means Conexus Credit Union 2006, a Saskatchewan credit union.
Conexus means Conexus Credit Union 2006.

Examples of Conexus in a sentence

  • TGF credit facility A credit facility of up to $50,000 was established with a syndicate of Canadian lenders led by Conexus Credit Union and was arranged to finance the construction of the ethanol plant in 2007.

  • Conexus reserves the right to invoice complimentary delegates for catering costs incurred.

  • If you do not deliver the Material in the required form, Conexus can engage a third party to convert the Material to Conexus’s requirements.

  • Conexus assumed such liability as consideration for the payment by the Fund to Conexus of the aggregate of: (i) the Liability Amount; (ii) the Premium; and (iii) the Prometa Expenses.

  • Subject to clause 4.2 Conexus shall not alter Your Materials in any way without your prior written consent.

  • In the event the Client terminates the Contract under clause 11.1, Conexus will refund in full any Fee paid to it by the Client and for the avoidance of doubt no further Fees will be payable by the Client to Conexus under the Contract.

  • You must, within 14 days of invoice, pay Conexus for the costs of the conversion, plus a handling fee of 25 per cent.

  • The Client’s liability under this indemnity is subject to the limitation of liability in clause 8 and will be reduced by the extent to which any damages, losses and/or claims arise out of the negligent act or omission or wilful misconduct by Conexus and their respective agents, servants and employees.

  • Conexus will provide You with an invoice stating the Fee and the GST payable.

  • Conexus shall not cause (or permit to be caused) any use of Your Materials which may mislead the public or be detrimental to or inconsistent with your goodwill or reputation.

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