Con Edison definition

Con Edison means the Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. or any successor corporation or entity acceding to the wholesale distribution of steam to retail customers in the City.
Con Edison shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Con Edison means Con Edison Gas Pipeline and Storage, LLC, a New York limited liability company. [***] [***]

Examples of Con Edison in a sentence

  • Furthermore, Contractor is prohibited from engaging in fraudulent or unlawful conduct in the negotiation, procurement, or performance of any contract between Con Edison and the Contractor or any work performed for or on behalf of Con Xxxxxx, or in any other dealings relating to Con Xxxxxx.

  • Contractor shall be required to reimburse Con Edison and O&R for all costs associated with the cleanup of leaks and spills.

  • Work specified by the Contract to be performed after regular hours or on Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays and Work performed at such times as a result of conditions in a permit or because of local regulations or to adhere to or regain the rate of progress required by Con Edison shall be performed without additional expense to Con Edison.

  • In addition, all parts of the Work shall, throughout the time of performance of the Contract, be subject to inspection by Con Edison.

  • These obligations of Contractor shall apply even though Con Edison may have obtained the permit.

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Con Edison. Con Ed", "Consolidated Edison Company", "Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.", "Consolidated Edison, Inc.", "New York Edison", "Brooklyn Edison", "Staten Island Edison" and "Edison" and any related or similar trade names, trademarks, service marks or logos (and any rights to and in the same, including any right to use the same);
Con Edison has the meaning set forth in the Preamble, or any permitted transferee of any of Con Edison’s Membership Interest pursuant to Article 3 of this Agreement.
Con Edison. “Con Ed”, Consolidated Edison Company”, “Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.”, “Consolidated Edison, Inc.”, “Consolidated Edison Communications Holding Company, Inc.”, “CEC Holding Member, Inc.,” “Con Edison Communications, Inc.,” “Con Edison Communications, LLC”, “Con Ed Communications”, “Con Edison Communications”, “Consolidated Edison Communications”, “CEC”, “New York Edison”, “Brooklyn Edison”, “Staten Island Edison”, and “Edison” and any related or similar trade names, trademarks, service marks or logos.
Con Edison means Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., a New York corporation.
Con Edison means Consolidated Edison of New York, Inc.
Con Edison. System Design Requirements given in TP-7100 “Transmission Planning Criteria” are divided into categories:
Con Edison. “Consolidated Edison”, “Edison” and any word similar thereto or constituting an abbreviation or extension thereof, and the CED, Con Ed, Con Edison, Consolidated Edison and Edison logos (collectively, such words, abbreviations, extensions and logos are referred to herein as the “Seller Marks”), including using commercially reasonable efforts to eliminate the Seller Marks from the Property and Purchased Assets and dispose of any unused stationery and literature of Newington Energy bearing the Seller Marks, and thereafter, Buyer shall not, and shall cause Newington Energy not to, use the Seller Marks or any logos, trademarks, trade names, patents or other Intellectual Property rights belonging to Seller or any Non-Newington Affiliate, and Buyer acknowledges that it, its Affiliates and Newington Energy have no rights whatsoever to use such Intellectual Property. Without limiting the foregoing: