Cold case definition

Cold case means a felony crime reported to law enforcement that has remained unsolved for over one year after the crime was initially reported to law enforcement and for which the applicable statute of limitations has not expired.

Examples of Cold case in a sentence

  • Walton (Ed.), Cold case homicides: Practical investigative techniques (pp.

  • When the actual mitigation requirements are defined, further work on the costing and feasibility of the transport interventions can be undertaken.

  • Post-conviction relief proceedings; request for extension; victim notification 13-4271 Cold case register; law enforcement agencies; definition31-502.

  • Cold case homicide unit The Attorney General in collaboration with the Commissioner of Public Safety shall establish a cold case homicide unit within the Department of the Attorney General to work exclusively on unsolved murders in the State.

  • Walton (Ed.), Cold case homicides: Practical investigative techniques (2nd ed.) (pp.

  • The Town Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners has granted preliminary approval to a letter of commendation regarding Detective Lee Natelborg who enlisted the Cold case team to resolve an older case from being treated as homicide to an accidental death.

  • Cold case or sexual assault investigative teams must: Include prosecutors, law enforcement, and victim advocates for the duration of the project; use victim-centered, trauma-informed protocols, including for victim notification; and use protocols and policies established by the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs.

  • Cold case reviews continue to be a feature of forces’ work and there are numerous serious crimes which remain unsolved and for which FAL’s material could hold the key.

  • The informational asymmetry and stakeholder/ institutional perspectives show a central fault-line.

  • Cold case files will be reviewed in their entirety including viewing of all evidence.

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