Congestion Management Process Sample Clauses

Congestion Management Process. The Congestion Management Process is hereby incorporated into this Agreement and in the event there is a conflict between this Agreement and the Congestion Management Process, the Congestion Management Process prevails. The Congestion Management Process may be amended from time to time upon agreement of the Parties. Any disputes arising under the Congestion Management Process are subject to the dispute resolution provisions contained in Section 14.2 of this Agreement.
Congestion Management Process. FAMPO shall maintain a Congestion Management Process (CMP) for the northern portion of Xxxxxxxx County that is included in the Washington, D.C. UZA, and will coordinate with the TPB in accordance with applicable federal law and regulation, including 23 C.F.R. § 450.322, as amended. A separate CMP shall be developed and maintained for the northern portion of Xxxxxxxx County that is included in the Washington, D.C. UZA, and will be coordinated with the TPB, including applicable coordination with the TPB’s federally-required Performance-Based Planning and Programming (PBPP) process.
Congestion Management Process. External Balancing Authority does not have a congestion management process with MISO in effect. External Balancing Authority agrees to follow applicable regulatory and other requirements, including NERC requirements and Attachment LL of the MISO Tariff, in addressing congestion management related to the Pseudo- Tie. External Balancing Authority will work with MISO to identify Coordinated Flowgates pursuant to Attachment LL of the MISO Tariff.
Congestion Management Process. Each MPO, in cooperation with the State, shall develop and adopt performance goals and measures for the regional transportation network. The Hampton Roads Metropolitan Planning Area is a Transportation Management Area (TMA) and shall be responsible for developing an ongoing congestion management process for monitoring, operating and maintaining the regional transportation network as required by 23 CFR 450.320.

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