City Commission definition

City Commission means the board of directors of the board.
City Commission means the legislative body of the City of Miami.
City Commission means the City Commission of the City of Miami, Florida.

Examples of City Commission in a sentence

  • City commission yesterday passed ordinance providing for exchange of land parcels in former Ackerman island area between the city, state, and Arkansas Valley Interurban.

  • MOTION: Motion recommending the Mayor and City commission to appoint a student as a non-voting or full voting member of the Sustainability Committee.

  • City commission yesterday granted petition for paving of Douglas ave.

More Definitions of City Commission

City Commission. City Commission" shall mean the governing and legislative body of the City. 1.3 CITY MANAGER: The "City Manager' shall mean the chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager shall be construed to include any duly authorized representatives designated in writing (including the Project Coordinator) with respect to any specific matter(s) concerning the Services and/or this Agreement (exclusive of those authorizations reserved to the City Commission or regulatory or administrative bodies having jurisdiction over any matter(s) related to the Project, the Services, and/or this Agreement). 1.4 PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS: "Proposal Documents" shall mean Request for Qualifications No. 55-08/09, entitled "General Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Consulting Services" issued by the City in contemplation of this Agreement, together with all amendments thereto (if any), (the RFQ), and the Consultant's proposal in response thereto (Proposal), which is incorporated by reference to this Agreement and made a part hereof; provided, however, that in the event of an express conflict between the Proposal Documents and this Agreement, the Agreement shall prevail. 1.5
City Commission means the elected governing commission of the City of Oregon City, Oregon.
City Commission means the elected individuals whom are responsible for governing the City of Truth or Consequences.
City Commission means the governing and legislative body of the City.
City Commission means the governing body of the City.
City Commission means the City Commission of the Issuer.
City Commission means the local legislative body of the Executive Mayor City Commission. Notwithstanding Section 1.3.9 above the City Commission will be required to approve the Lease and any amendments to the Lease