C3 definition

C3 licence” means a primary licence with a ‘C3’ fishery symbol written on it or that is taken to have a ‘C3’ fishery symbol written on it.

Examples of C3 in a sentence

  • If evaluation of the assembled data results in the conclusion that no limit is needed, the permittee shall perform an acute WET test for each species of each representative outfall at permit renewal as defined on the reporting schedule contained in Part II Section C.3. All applicable data will be reevaluated for reasonable potential at the end of the permit term.

  • If you checked Item 9.C.(2), C.(3) or C.(4), list in Section 9.C. of Schedule D the accountants that are engaged to perform the audit or examination or prepare an internal control report.

  • C.3 If an agency is put on the Banning List during tendering and no irregularity is found in the case under process: C.3.1 after issue of the enquiry /bid/tender but before opening of Technical bid, the bid submitted by the agency shall be ignored.

  • Clinical Protocol and Quality Assurance Decision Support Software Article C.3 Reporting RequirementsThe contractor is responsible for the following reporting under the GWAC.

  • The terms of the contract, are contained in: Part C1 Agreements and Contract Data, (which includes this Form of Offer and Acceptance) Part C2 Pricing Data Part C3 Scope of Work: Service Information and drawings and documents (or parts thereof), which may be incorporated by reference into the above listed Parts.

More Definitions of C3

C3 means that portion of Shipper's Gas which, if extracted from Shipper's Gas and not reinjected into Shipper’s Residue Gas, would constitute Plant Liquids;
C3 means C3 Capital Partners, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, and/or C3 Capital Partners II, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership.
C3. The rate of customs duties shall be 3.9 percent as from the date of entry into force of this Agreement and shall be reduced annually in eight equal instalments from 3.9
C3 means a resident living in the general population section of a prison facility.