Board of educational examiners definition

Board of educational examiners means the state board as created in Iowa Code chapter 272.
Board of educational examiners means the state board of educational examiners in Iowa Code chapter 260.
Board of educational examiners means the State Board of Educational Examiners as created by 1989 Iowa Acts, House File 794, Section 2 (Codified at Iowa Code Chapter 260, Supp. 1990).

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  • Board of Education means the Board of Education of the District.

  • Diocesan Board of Education means that body constituted under the Diocesan Boards of Education Measure 1991 for the Diocese and any successor body;

  • State Board of Education means and refers to the Board that exercises general control and supervision over the public schools of the State of Alabama as constituted and authorized by ALA. CODE § 16-3-1, et seq. (1975).

  • Department of Education means the United States Department of Education.

  • Independent educational evaluation means an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for the education of the child in question.

  • Secretary of Education means the Commissioner of Education and the Secretary of the United States Department of Education (who succeeded to the functions of the Commissioner of Education pursuant to the Department of Education Organization Act), or any officer, board, body, commission or agency succeeding to the functions thereof under the Higher Education Act.

  • Vocational education means organized educational programs that are directly related to the preparation of individuals for paid or unpaid employment, or for additional preparation for a career not requiring a baccalaureate or advanced degree.

  • Approved abuse education training program means a training program using a curriculum approved by the abuse education review panel of the department of public health or a training program offered by a hospital, a professional organization for physicians, or the department of human services, the department of education, an area education agency, a school district, the Iowa law enforcement academy, an Iowa college or university, or a similar state agency.

  • Nurse Educator means a registered nurse with a post registration certificate, who has relevant experience or other qualifications, deemed appropriate by the employer who is appointed to a position of Nurse Educator.

  • State educational agency means any state or local educational licensing body that provides a license, permit, authorization or other approval necessary for an educational institution or other entity to operate or to provide educational programs or courses in that state.

  • Postsecondary educational institution means a degree- or certificate-granting public or private college or university, junior college, or community college that is located in this state. The term includes the governing body of the postsecondary educational institution.

  • primary education means education offered in years numbered 1 to 7, both inclusive.

  • Local board of health means a county, city, or district board of health.

  • Free appropriate public education means special education and related services that:

  • Eligible educational institution means any of the following:

  • Radiologist assistant means an individual who has met the requirements of the Board for licensure

  • Adult education means all education or instruction,

  • Occupational education means that education or training

  • Department Chair means the chair of a department or the director of a program.

  • State education agency means the department.

  • Local educational agency except as otherwise provided, means

  • Cooperative education program means a written voluntary agreement between and among districts to provide certain educational programs for pupils in certain groups of districts. The written agreement shall be approved by all affected districts at least annually and shall specify the educational programs to be provided and the estimated number of pupils from each district who will participate in the educational programs.

  • State educational institution means an institution enumerated in Article 12, Section 11 of the constitution of New Mexico;

  • College board means the state board for community and

  • Federal Aviation Administration and "FAA" mean the United States Federal Aviation Administration and any agency or instrumentality of the United States government succeeding to their functions.

  • General education means the compulsory school attendance phase as referred to in section 3 of the South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996); and