Adult-Oriented definition

Adult-Oriented means, with respect to a Channel or program, that such Channel or program features content that is comparable to or more explicit than the content that is exhibited on the Channels in the Territory as of the date of this Agreement; it being understood that content that would be rated no more restrictively than "R" by the Motion Picture Association of America as such rating standards are currently in effect is not "Adult-Oriented" content.
Adult-Oriented means, with respect to a Service or program, that such Service or program is erotic in nature and features nudity.
Adult-Oriented means the service or program in question is erotic in nature and features nudity. The ownership or distribution of R-rated feature film produced by major studios does not represent ownership or distribution of "adult-oriented" programming for the purposes of this provision. In addition, nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to (a) preclude PEGI or any of its affiliates from owning or operating or providing programming for another Playboy TV service in the Territory in any media, including Non-Standard Television, if the PTVSK Service is terminated for any reason, but the Venture continues to operate the ATV Service, or (b) preclude either party from owning or operating or providing programming for an adult service primarily featuring programming of the type primarily featured on the ATV Service if the ATV Service is terminated for any reason but the Venture continues to operate the PTVSK Service; provided, however, that the above restriction regarding products, services or programming that carries the brand or name of or is identified with the publisher of a magazine or other publication that competes with any edition of the "Playboy" magazine shall continue to apply.

Examples of Adult-Oriented in a sentence

  • Similar Adult-Oriented Services as defined in 309.02, Subdivision 1.

  • Associates of Engagement in Adult-Oriented Follow-Up Care for Childhood Cancer Survivors.

  • Name, address and phone number of the Adult-Oriented Establishment for which a license is being secured.

  • Any change in location for an Adult-Oriented Establishment shall require a new license application for that location.

  • Licensing is a legitimate and reasonable means of accountability to ensure that the operators and employees of Adult-Oriented Establishments comply with reasonable regulations and to ensure that operators and employees do not knowingly allow their establishments to be used as places of illegal sexual activity or solicitation.

  • It has been documented that entertainers in Adult-Oriented Establishments offer to perform sexual acts for patrons, and that sexual contact occurs between patrons and other employees of Adult-Oriented Establishments.

  • Adult-Oriented signage: Please refer to Article V, Subsection 5.063, and Article VIII, Subsection 8.070 (I) (3) (D) of this Ordinance for additional provisions and Ordinance #2010-001.

  • Adult-Oriented Business: An establishment catering to patrons 18 years of age or older, which devotes a substantial portion of its business activity, as defined herein, to sexually-oriented materials or entertainment (see Section 5.5).

  • No operator or employee of an Adult-Oriented Establishment shall permit to be performed, offer to perform, perform or allow patrons to perform any specified sexual activity in the establishment or on the site.

  • No Adult-Oriented Establishment is permitted to operate between the hours of 2a.m. and 8a.m. Further, no Adult-Oriented Establishment is permitted to operate between the hours of 8a.m. and midnight on any Sunday or legal holiday as defined in §895.20, Wis.

More Definitions of Adult-Oriented

Adult-Oriented means, with respect to a Channel or program, that such Channel or program features content that is comparable to or more explicit than the content that is exhibited on the Channels in the Territories as of the date of this Agreement; it being understood that content that would be rated no more restrictively than "R" by the Motion Picture Association of America is not "Adult-Oriented" content as such rating standards are currently in effect.

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