Definition of Acquisition Data

Acquisition Data means all data related to print and licensed inventory management including, resource discovery, ordering and invoicing, receiving and item processing, budget management, license content management, Electronic Resource Management (ERM), vendor/provider management, and metadata management.

Examples of Acquisition Data in a sentence

If the data is not readily found on the Acquisition side of IRIS, then the Real Property Voucher is a tool that details the information necessary to complete the Improvements tab and the Acquisition Data tab.
All of the entries into the Improvements tab should equal the amount shown in the Acquisition Data tab.
The Acquisition Data section should only reference the parcel # of the parent ICN, but no dollar values.
News releases, tours, demonstrations, and studies related to the Supervisory Control and Acquisition Data System or to any work performed pursuant to this Agreement shall not take place without the prior, specific approval of the City’s Director of the Department of Executive Administration.
In order to ensure that the College is not being subjected to environmental liabilities or other encumbrances, the donor must complete and sign the Real Estate Acquisition Data Sheet.