Definition of Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features means and includes the following:

Accessibility Features means features of a Licensed TouchSense Device that satisfy the following requirements: (a) such features are designed and solely marketed for use by an end user with physical disabilities (e.g., an end user that is hearing impaired) in order to improve the accessibility of such Licensed TouchSense Device’s media and gaming features by such end user; and (b) such features are only available when an end user of such Licensed TouchSense Device activates such features in the “Settings” menu (or similarly designated menu).”

Accessibility Features means the Barrier-Free Accessible (BFA) features stated in clauses 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 which are approved for Accessibility Fund.

Examples of Accessibility Features in a sentence

Example - Communicating Accessibility Features When an owner lists a telephone number, he/she must also list a TTY number or an equally effective system.
Units with Accessibility Features In the event an accessible unit/unit with accessible features is occupied by a family that does not require those features, the family in the accessible unit must move when a non-accessible unit becomes available and a resident or applicant with a disability requires such a unit.
Description of the Accessibility Features of Products and Services:  Compiles and maintains information concerning the accessibility features of its telecommunication products and services as well as accommodations for disabilities.
Units with Accessibility Features [24 CFR 983.251(c)(7)] When selecting families to occupy PBV units that have special accessibility features for persons with disabilities, the PHA must first refer families who require such features to the owner.
The City shall perform preventive maintenance on the Accessibility Features of its buses in accordance with, at a minimum, the manufacturer's recommendations, schedules and procedures for performing preventive maintenance, but in no case will the preventive maintenance schedule for a bus exceed 5,500-6,500 miles.

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Accessibility Features means wheelchair lifts and ramps, kneeling mechanisms, and securement devices.