Your Distributor Sample Clauses

Your Distributor. Your Distributor is responsible for the connection between the Distribution Network and your Premises and for the physical supply of Energy to your Premises including the quality and reliability of the Energy supplied.

Related to Your Distributor

Sub-Distributors Distributor shall be entitled to appoint one or more Sub-Distributors to promote, advertise, market, distribute or sell the Product in the Territory in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement; provided, however, that Distributor shall not utilize or engage any Competitor of Ampio as a Sub-Distributor, without the prior written consent of Ampio. Distributor shall remain jointly and severally liable under this Agreement for the actions and omissions of each of its Sub-Distributors, and Distributor shall be solely responsible for any commitments, obligations or liabilities made by any of its Sub-Distributors. Distributor hereby acknowledges that the appointment of any such Sub-Distributor does not reduce, impair or negatively affect its ability to perform each one of its obligations hereunder.
Resellers Does the vendor have resellers that it will name under this contract? Resellers are defined as other companies that sell your products under an agreement with you, the awarded vendor of TIPS. No Pricing discount percentage are guaranteed for? Does the vendor agrees to honor the proposed pricing discount percentage off regular catalog (as defined in the RFP document), website, store or shelf pricing for the term of the award? YES