defined term definition

defined term means any capitalized term that is defined in this Section 1.1 of the Plan.
defined term. Revolving Facility" set forth in Article I of the Agreement is hereby amended to read, in its entirety, as follows:

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defined term. Loans" set forth in Section 1.1 of the Deed of Trust is hereby amended in its entirety to provide as follows:
defined term means words or phrases which are defined or explained in clause 39.1.
defined term. Section: “Hxxxxx” PREAMBLE “Hxxxxx Audit Date” 7.2(e) “Hxxxxx Certificate” 7.2(a) “Hxxxxx Disclosure Letter” 7.2 “Hxxxxx ERISA Affiliate” 7.2(i)(iii) “Hxxxxx Governing Documents” 7.2(b) “Hxxxxx Governing Instruments” 7.2(a) “Hxxxxx Indemnified Persons” 12.2 “Hxxxxx IP Contracts” 7.2(m)(ii)(A) “Hxxxxx IP Rights” 7.2(m)(ii)(B) “Hxxxxx Material Contracts” 7.2(o)(ii) “Hxxxxx MCD Budget” 8.2(c) “Hxxxxx Reports” 7.2(e) “Hxxxxx Required Third Party Consents” 10.3(e) “Hxxxxx Restructuring” 9.7 “Hxxxxx Stratex Networks, Inc.” 9.11(c) “Hxxxxx Transactions” 7.2(c) “Indemnified Party” 12.4 “Indemnifying Party” 12.4 “Insiders” 9.12 “IRS” 7.1(i)(ii) “Maximum Annual Premium” 9.18(c) “MCD Employee Benefit Plans” 7.2(i)(i) “MCD Employee ERISA Plans” 7.2(i)(ii) “MCD Employee Pension Plan” 7.2(i)(ii) “MCD Real Property” 7.2(k)(iv) “Merger” 3.2 “Merger Consideration” 6.1(a) “Merger Sub” RECITALSMerger Sub Stock” 2.3
defined term. Section: “Mxxxxx Sxxxxxx” 7.2(t) “Multi-Employer Plan” 7.1(i)(ii) “Newco” RECITALS “Newco Contribution Shares” 3.1(d) “Newco Governing Instruments” 2.1 “Newco Governmental Authorizations” 3.1(b)(xiv) “Newco Indemnified Persons” 12.3 “Order” 10.1(e) “PBGC” 7.1(i)(iii) “Preferred Stock” 2.1 “Proxy Statement/Prospectus” 7.1(f) “Qualifying Acquisition Proposal” 9.1 “Registration Statement” 7.1(f) “Representative” 9.1 “Required Governmental Authorizations” 10.1(c) “Revised Terms” 9.1(c) “Rights Agreement” 7.1(b) “Section 16 Information” 9.12 “Stratex” PREAMBLE “Stratex Audit Date” 7.1(e) “Stratex Award” 6.4(b) “Stratex Benefit Plans” 7.1(i)(i) “Stratex Budget” 8.1(c) “Stratex Bylaws” 7.1(a) “Stratex Certificate” 7.1(a) “Stratex Disclosure Letter” 7.1 “Stratex ERISA Affiliate” 7.1(i)(iii) “Stratex ERISA Plans” 7.1(i)(ii) “Stratex Governing Instruments” 7.1(a) “Stratex IP Contracts” 7.1(o)(ii)(A) Defined Term: Section: “Stratex IP Rights” 7.1(o)(ii)(B) “Stratex Material Contracts” 7.1(q)(ii) “Stratex Networks, Inc.” 4.1 “Stratex Option” 6.4(a) “Stratex Pension Plan” 7.1(i)(ii) “Stratex Preferred Stock” 7.1(b) “Stratex Reports” 7.1(e) “Stratex Required Third Party Consents” 10.2(e) “Stratex Requisite Vote” 7.1(c) “Stratex Stock Plans” 7.1(b) “Stratex Stockholders Meeting” 9.3(f) “Stratex Transactions” 7.1(c) “Superior Proposal” 9.1 “Surviving Corporation” 3.2 “Tail Period” 11.2(b) “Takeover Statute” 7.1(k) “Termination Date” 11.1(b) “Termination Fee” 11.2(b) “Third-Party IP Rights” 7.1(o)(ii)(B) “Transactions” 2.1 “Transfer” 3.1 “Voting Agreements” RECITALS “Voting Debt” 7.1(b) “Warrant Agreement” 6.5
defined term. Financing" in Existing Section 1.1 is amended in its entirety to read as follows:
defined term. Originator" appearing in Section 1.1 of the Loan Agreement is amended in its entirety to be and to read as follows: "Originator" shall mean each of the following Delaware corporations: Borg- Warner Automotive Diversified Xxxxxxxxxxxn Products Corporation; Borg-Warner Automotive Air/Fluid Syxxxxx Xxxxxration; Borg-Warner Automotive Morse TEC Coxxxxxxxxx; Borg-Warner Xxxxxotive Automatic Trxxxxxxxxxx Systems Corporation; and Borg-Warner Automotive Powertrain Sxxxxxx Xxxxoration, Borg-Warner Automotive Turbo Systemx Xxxxxxxxxon and Borg-Warner Automotive Fuel Systems Xxxxxxxxxxn.
defined term in Section: ---------- "Agent Members"............................. 2.1(c) "IAI Global Security"....................... 2.1(b) "Global Security"........................... 2.1(b) "Regulation S Global Security".............. 2.1(b) "Rule 144A Global Security"................. 2.1(b)