Within Ten Days Sample Clauses

Within Ten Days. President Decides April 1 March 1 (For 2nd year reappointment only) April 1 May 1 *See C.3.e. below.

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  • Days Unless specified otherwise, any period of days mandated under a Note or this Revenue Sharing Agreement shall be determined by reference to calendar days, not business days, except that any payments, notices, or other performance falling due on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal government holiday shall be considered timely if paid, given, or performed on the next succeeding business day.

  • Puts Within 30 Days After Bank Closing During the thirty (30)-day period following Bank Closing and only during such period (which thirty (30)-day period may be extended in writing in the sole absolute discretion of the Receiver for any Loan), in accordance with this Section 3.4, the Assuming Institution shall be entitled to require the Receiver to purchase any Deposit Secured Loan transferred to the Assuming Institution pursuant to Section

  • Personal Business Days Two (2) days per year may be used for purposes of personal business which cannot be transacted outside of the regular school day, or when arrangements cannot be made to avoid its use. The personal business day may not be taken on days preceding or succeeding a vacation or holidays without specific prior approval by the building principal. In order to be eligible for personal business leave, the teacher must file his/her request with the building principal at least seventy-two (72) hours before taking said leave and obtain the approval of the building principal. Notification may be waived in cases of emergency by the building principal. Building principals may deny such requests where a staffing problem exists. Such leaves shall not be accumulative. Unused personal business days each year shall be added to the teacher's sick leave accumulative at the end of the school year.

  • Snow Days If an employee, after good faith efforts, is unable to report to work for their scheduled duty period because of weather conditions, and if a disaster due to weather is declared by the Governor (see Article 22), the employee, at the employee’s option, may take a day’s leave without pay or may utilize personal leave or a vacation day.

  • Business Days (a) Any payment which is due to be made on a day that is not a Business Day shall be made on the next Business Day in the same calendar month (if there is one) or the preceding Business Day (if there is not).

  • Nonbusiness Days In any case where any payment or action is due under any Loan Document on a day which is not a Business Day, such payment or action may be delayed until the next-succeeding Business Day, but interest and fees shall continue to accrue in respect of any payment to which it is applicable until such payment is in fact made; provided that, if, in the case of any such payment in respect of a Eurodollar Rate Borrowing, the next-succeeding Business Day is in the next calendar month, then such payment shall be made on the next-preceding Business Day.

  • Non-Business Days If an Interest Period would otherwise end on a day which is not a Business Day, that Interest Period will instead end on the next Business Day in that calendar month (if there is one) or the preceding Business Day (if there is not).

  • Working Days E9.9 Without prejudice to clause 9.1, where the Authority funds the delivery of this Contract using European Social Fund (ESF) funds or in its role as a Co-financing Organisation uses this contract as a match for ESF provision, either at the outset of the contract or at any point during the life of the contract, the Contractor and any Sub-contractors appointed by it shall be bound by the corresponding additional requirements detailed within relevant Contractor Guidance, including the maintaining of records until at least 31 December 2023.

  • Payments Within Twelve Months The Company has not made any direct or indirect payments (in cash, securities or otherwise) (i) to any person, as a finder's fee, consulting fee or otherwise, in consideration of such person raising capital for the Company or introducing to the Company persons who raised or provided capital to the Company, (ii) to any NASD member or (iii) to any person or entity that has any direct or indirect affiliation or association with any NASD member, within the twelve months prior to the Effective Date, other than payments to EBC.

  • Payment on Non-Business Days Whenever any payment to be made hereunder shall be stated to be due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day and no additional interest shall be due as a result (and if so made, shall be deemed to have been made when due). If any payment in respect of interest on an Advance is so deferred to the next succeeding Business Day, such deferral shall not delay the commencement of the next Interest Period for such Advance (if such Advance is a LIBOR Advance) or reduce the number of days for which interest will be payable on such Advance on the next interest payment date for such Advance.