WITHIN 90 DAYS Sample Clauses

WITHIN 90 DAYS. If the Premises or Building should be damaged by Casualty to such extent that material restoration can in landlord’s estimation be reasonably completed within ninety (90) days after the date of such damage and receipt of required permits for such restoration, this lease shall not terminate. To the extent that insurance proceeds are received by Landlord (or would have otherwise been received by Landlord but for its failure to carry insurance required under this Lease) to repair the damage, Landlord shall proceed to rebuild and repair the Premises, except that Landlord shall not be required to rebuild, repair or replace any part of the Alterations which may have been placed on or about the Premises by Tenant. If the Premises are untenantable in whole or in part following such damage, the Rent payable hereunder during the period in which they are untenantable shall be abated proportionately, but only to the extent or rental abatement insurance proceeds received by Landlord (or would have otherwise been received by Landlord but for its failure to carry insurance required under this lease) during the time and to the extent the Premises are unfit for occupancy.
WITHIN 90 DAYS. In Case the Buyer wants to surrender the agreement within 90 days, the Company shall be within its right to forfeit the 40% of the amount paid by the Buyer as administration charges and 60% of the said amount shall be refunded to the Buyer and the agreement will be considered cancelled.

Related to WITHIN 90 DAYS

  • Days Unless specified otherwise, any period of days mandated under a Note or this Revenue Sharing Agreement shall be determined by reference to calendar days, not business days, except that any payments, notices, or other performance falling due on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal government holiday shall be considered timely if paid, given, or performed on the next succeeding business day.

  • Payments Within 180 Days The Company has not made any direct or indirect payments (in cash, securities or otherwise) to: (i) any person, as a finder’s fee, consulting fee or otherwise, in consideration of such person raising capital for the Company or introducing to the Company persons who raised or provided capital to the Company; (ii) any FINRA member; or (iii) any person or entity that has any direct or indirect affiliation or association with any FINRA member, within the 180-day period prior to the initial filing of the Registration Statement, other than the prior payments to the Representative in connection with the Offering. The Company has not issued any warrants or other securities, or granted any options, directly or indirectly, to anyone who is a potential underwriter in the Offering or a related person (as defined by FINRA rules) of such an underwriter within the 180-day period prior to the initial filing date of the Registration Statement. No person to whom securities of the Company have been privately issued within the 180-day period prior to the initial filing date of the Registration Statement has any relationship or affiliation or association with any member of FINRA participating in the Offering. Except with respect to the Representative in connection with the Offering, the Company has not entered into any agreement or arrangement (including, without limitation, any consulting agreement or any other type of agreement) during the 180-day period prior to the initial filing date of the Registration Statement with the Commission, which arrangement or agreement provides for the receipt of any item of value and/or the transfer or issuance of any warrants, options, or other securities from the Company to a FINRA member, any person associated with a member (as defined by FINRA rules), any potential underwriters in the Offering and/or any related persons.

  • Business Days If any time period for giving notice or taking action hereunder expires on a day which is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday in the state in which the Company’s chief executive office is located, the time period shall be automatically extended to the business day immediately following such Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

  • After May 1, 2019 either party may give written notice to the other party of its desire to submit resolution of the salary adjustment to interest arbitration before a three-member panel comprised of a nominee of both parties and Xxxxx Xxxxx,

  • Puts Within 30 Days After Bank Closing During the thirty (30)-day period following Bank Closing and only during such period (which thirty (30)-day period may be extended in writing in the sole absolute discretion of the Receiver for any Loan), in accordance with this Section 3.4, the Assuming Institution shall be entitled to require the Receiver to purchase any Deposit Secured Loan transferred to the Assuming Institution pursuant to Section

  • Reappointment Within Six Months 261. A permanent employee who resigns and is subsequently reappointed to a position in the same classification within six (6) months of the effective date of resignation shall be reappointed to the same salary step that the employee received at the time of resignation.

  • Snow Days If an employee, after good faith efforts, is unable to report to work for their scheduled duty period because of weather conditions, and if a disaster due to weather is declared by the Governor (see Article 22), the employee, at the employee’s option, may take a day’s leave without pay or may utilize personal leave or a vacation day.

  • Non-Business Days If an Interest Period would otherwise end on a day which is not a Business Day, that Interest Period will instead end on the next Business Day in that calendar month (if there is one) or the preceding Business Day (if there is not).

  • Lieu Days Where an employee is granted a lieu day pursuant to Clause 17.3 or 17.4 of this Agreement, the time off granted will be seven (7) hours per lieu day for a full-time employee and prorated for a part-time employee.

  • Calendar Applications/nominations of incoming students must reach the receiving institution by (the deadlines indicated herewith are not final and different dates might apply and can be agreed upon): Country Nominations Applications FROM TO Autumn term Spring term Autumn term Spring term CZ DE 15 June 15 December 15 June 15 December DE CZ 31 May 1 November 15 May 15 November Application procedure for incoming students Country Contact e-mail Contact phone Website for information FROM TO CZ DE xxxx://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx.xx/gaststudis/index.html.en DE CZ xxxx://xxx.xxxx.xx/incoming-erasmus-general-info Additional requirements Country Requirement Details Website for information FROM TO CZ DE --- --- --- DE CZ --- --- --- The receiving institution will send its decision within 5 weeks after the deadline for mobility to DE and within 4 weeks after the deadline for mobility to CZ.