Wholesaler Sample Clauses

Wholesaler. Also referred to as Vendor, Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor, or Prime Vendor, is a business that functions as a purchaser’s source of distribution for a wide array of pharmaceutical and related Products as identified by the MMCAP Infuse Participating Facility. A Wholesaler is responsible for maintaining and distributing an Adequate Supply of pharmaceuticals and related Products and any other items contracted for that are dispensed through the MMCAP Infuse Participating Facilitiespharmacy service.
Wholesaler is not allowed to use MMCAP Infuse’s contract pricing to calculate its Generic Drug Program Pricing.
Wholesaler will stock and deliver Products that require special handling and shipping, such as controlled substances, refrigerated or temperature-controlled Products, oncology or chemotherapy Products, and any hazardous materials. Wholesaler will only ship hazardous materials as allowed by the appropriate government regulations.
Wholesaler will notify MMCAP Infuse at least ten (10) business days in advance of any changes to the list of possible inventory stocking codes viewable on its online ordering system. A complete list of all possible stocking codes and thorough descriptions of each code will be provided. MMCAP Infuse and MMCAP Infuse Participating Facilities must be informed of any potential changes to demand shift logic and stocking request procedures.
Wholesaler agrees to maintain an Adequate Supply for a Product that is added to the MMCAP Infuse contract due to a change in the NDC number, Product deletion, and replacement of a Product by the manufacturer, and in situations where Wholesaler is notified that MMCAP Infuse has determined a need to switch its procurement selections. Immediately upon notification of the change, Wholesaler will generate a usage report for the old item. This report will be used to decrement the old item(s) and increment the new item(s) as needed, to procure Product in a timely manner to satisfy MMCAP Infuse Participating Facilitiesneeds.
Wholesaler agrees that any notice received from an MMCAP Infuse-contracted manufacturer or supplier for a price or Product change on an MMCAP Infuse Contract Product will be forwarded to MMCAP Infuse in the form of a weekly contract change report (see Section 4.20, Mandatory Reports). Wholesaler agrees to provide credits/rebills at no charge to correct pricing in the event that MMCAP Infuse and its contracted manufacturers disagree in regard to price and Product loading.
Wholesaler will notify all MMCAP Infuse Participating Facilities participating in the Generic Source program and MMCAP Infuse of switches in products covered under the Generic Source program.
Wholesaler usually makes normal deliveries via its contracted couriers. Wholesaler generally has multi-year agreements with third-party couriers who are qualified in quality and reliability in each delivery area they serve. Each courier representative completes mandatory overall and customer- specific training, drug screening, and possesses the necessary vendor certifications and licensure to fulfill their deliveries. Wholesaler requires drivers to be appropriately dressed so they can be easily identified by MMCAP Infuse Members. Wholesaler is to prohibit clothing that is inappropriate, by including specific provisions within the terms and conditions negotiated with the contracted couriers.