Unused Sample Clauses

Unused. 5.2 Unused vacation may not be carried over after the completion of each calendar year and any unused vacation will be paid out in cash.
Unused personal leave days may accrue and carry forward to a maximum of four days per employee. There will be no compensation for unused personal days.
Unused. 7.5 Notwithstanding the fact that the Contracting Body has followed the procedure set out above in this Clause 7, the Contracting Body shall be entitled at all times to decline to make an award for its Services requirements. Nothing in this Framework Agreement shall oblige any Contracting Body to place any Order for Services.
Unused personal leave days for each year shall be converted to sick days and added to the teacher's accumulated sick leave at the end of each school year. Additional days of absence, with the deduction of a substitute's salary, may be granted upon approval by the Superintendent for unusual or extenuating circumstances. The Association acknowledges that a teacher's primary responsibility is to the students of the school district. Should the need arise to take a personal day, the teacher shall consider the educational impact of his/her absence on the students.
Unused personal leave days shall accumulate as sick leave. A total of two unused personal leave days may be carried over as accumulated personal leave for bereavement purposes for days over and above those set forth in the bereavement leave clause. There can never be more than two days in this account. At the time of retirement, if there are one or two days remaining, they will be converted to accumulated sick leave for payment. In addition, if an employee exhausts all available accumulated sick leave days and requires these banked bereavement days, they shall be converted back to available sick leave. All secretaries shall be allowed two (2) days, with pay, to attend the N.J.E.A. Convention.
Unused sick leave shall accrue from school year to school year, as provided by law, and may be used at any time during the school year subject to the requirements of this Article.
Unused. An employee shall be compensated in cash for one-half (1/2) of any accumulated unused sick leave when permanently separated from employment as a result of retirement or death. The amount of payment for all unused sick leave is to be calculated at the employee’s rate of pay in effect on the payday immediately preceding separation.
Unused sick leave shall accrue from school year to school year. Accumulated and unused sick leave may be counted in a proportionate amount to service credit for retirement as existing law provides.
Unused personal leave is not cumulative from one year to the next and is automatically cancelled upon termination of employment.