Unloading Sample Clauses

Unloading. In the operation of unloading the Consignee must perform the provision of Article 115 of the Regulation for Land Transportation of Hazardous Material and Residues which it represents it knows.
Unloading. Subcontractor shall unload all the material and equipment referred to in Article I of this Agreement as and when delivered to the job site. In the event Subcontractor fails to unload said material and equipment promptly upon delivery to the job site, Contractor may unload same, if in the sole discretion of Contractor, failure to so unload would impede the progress of the work and, in such event, Contractor shall charge back to Subcontractor the expense incurred in so unloading. In the event material and/or equipment is furnished by Owner it shall be the responsibility of Subcontractor to arrange for and make delivery of same to the job site.
Unloading. Producer will direct (or Producer will cause the Owner to direct) the unloading and receiving of all Feedstock purchased hereunder. All labor and equipment necessary to unload Feedstock delivered by or on behalf of Bunge pursuant to Contracts will be supplied by Producer (or Owner) without additional charge to Bunge. Producer agrees to handle (or cause the Owner to handle) the unloading and receiving of all Feedstock in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with Bunge’s reasonable requirements and normal industry practice. Producer will maintain or cause the Owner to maintain (at Producer’s own expense) receiving facilities at the Delivery Destination in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and in safe operating condition in accordance with normal industry standards. Producer will be responsible for any additional costs to Bunge resulting from any breach by Producer to meet its obligations set forth in this Section 2.3(c). If Producer or Owner fails to unload or receive a quantity of Feedstock that is scheduled for delivery to a Delivery Destination pursuant to a Contract or otherwise causes Bunge to be in default under the terms of a Contract (either, a “Producer Default”), Bunge will utilize commercially reasonable efforts to mitigate or remedy such Producer Default after consultation with Producer. Such efforts may include, without limitation, Bunge arranging for the storage of Feedstock by a feedstock supplier for which Producer or Owner failed to take delivery to delay the purchase of Feedstock pursuant to a Contract, directing delivery of such Feedstock to another facility or selling such Feedstock to a third party. Producer and Owner will, jointly and severally, defend, indemnify and hold Bunge harmless for, all costs, liabilities and expenses of Bunge incurred in connection with any Producer Default, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney fees, storage costs, price adjustments, rail/truck demurrage and freight costs.
Unloading. Equipment and facilities for unloading, hauling, distributing and storing materials shall be furnished by the Contractor and shall at all times be available for use in unloading materials. Delays in unloading railroad cars, unloading trucks, or hauling from freight terminal which incur demurrage, truck waiting charges or terminal charges shall be at the expense of the Contractor.
Unloading. You will be notified in the antiques showroom by the conference staff when it is your turn to back up to the loading dock. Be nearby and be ready. As soon as your truck backs into the loading dock, one of the porters will meet you and the two of you will note the time. Your time will start accumulating when the door to the back of your truck opens. It will stop when the last of your merchandise is placed in your booth and you are set to drive to the parking lot. Loading Out: Your time will start when the crew begins loading your merchandise from your booth onto their carts. If they proceed directly to your truck, it will continue until all the merchandise is loaded and the doors to your truck are closed. If the porters have to park your merchandise in the hallway to wait for the previous truck to finish loading, you and the lead xxxxxx will note how much time has been utilized and will suspend the count until the porters begin loading your truck. Computing the Charge: The standard rate will be $20 per man per half hour. This is the minimum. I don't want to discourage tipping in addition to the standard rate, especially if you ask for and receive special consideration from them. I want these guys back next year, and, I suspect, so do you, for we are going to be a year older next year and those bookcases and sideboards aren't going to get any lighter. There will be a minimum charge of one half-hour unit. A unit will be the number of men working for you times $20@. For instance, 3 men for up to thirty minutes equals $60. If more than one-half hour is required, the charge will be figured on 15-minute intervals, each interval equaling one-half of the thirty-minute minimum. For instance, if 2 men unload your truck in 45 minutes, the charge will be $40 for the first thirty minutes and $20 for the additional 15 minutes. Cash is the preferred method of payment, but checks (made out to Xxxxx Xxxxxxx) will be accepted. If you will not be present when your truck is being unloaded or loaded, make sure your driver is aware of this policy and is prepared to pay the porters. If you are sharing truck space with other exhibitors, the driver or the exhibitor present will be required to pay the porters for the entire load, not just their portion. These rules are designed to get you in and out as quickly as possible, and to make sure that you don't delay next exhibitor - or are delayed by the one ahead of you. If you cooperate, things will flow smoothly. If not, then everyone ...
Unloading. Hours of unloading of Wood Waste at the Charcoal Plant shall be established by RIVERSIDE and shall allow for continuous Wood Waste shipments from the sawmill during all operating hours of the Sawmill and RIVERSIDE will pick-up the Wood Waste committed by HFP to RIVERSIDE under this Agreement from HFP on a continuous basis during the Sawmill's operating hours which may include operating on a 24 hour basis.
Unloading. Provide free unloading of the Goods to the Government as required
Unloading. Contractor is responsible to unload of snow and ice control products. There shall be no additional cost to the Purchaser for unloading-related activities.
Unloading. Where the Goods can be manually unloaded at the Delivery Point in accordance with applicable legislation or occupational health and safety codes, the Purchase Price for the Goods shall include the cost of unloading the Goods and the unloading shall be the responsibility of the Supplier. Where the Goods cannot be so unloaded arrangements must be made for unloading by Fantech. The Parties may exclude or vary this clause by appropriate provisions in the Purchase Order or Specification.
Unloading. Shipper agrees to provide facilities at the Sugar Factories to permit delivery by Northern of segments of a train. Said facilities shall be designed and constructed for carload unloading. Northern will place the loaded cars on a siding on Shipper's property. The Shipper will complete unloading operation at its own expense. The Shipper shall exercise reasonable care and caution when unloading.-Cl railcars at their facilities and will insure that railcar doors are closed with latches in the locked position, with cargo hoppers free and clear of any foreign debris. The Shipper shall pay for the actual costs incurred by Northern in respect of any failure of Shipper to exercise such reasonable care and caution, including any origin demurrage incurred by Northern as a result thereof. Plant-personnel are responsible to notify USC, who will in turn notify Northern, of any problems or deficiencies found concerning the railcars. When a train reaches a Sugar Factory, the coal shall be unloaded from each railcar within five (5) full days of the date of the arrival of such railcar to ensure that at least 55 empty railcars- are available at all times to make up unit trains. In the event that railcars are not unloaded within the time specified above, Northern reserves the right to charge a mutually acceptable demurrage rate on each such railcar.